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The Last Guardian Price Cut Is Permanent, Cost Down To $40

The Last Guardian


The Last Guardian Price Cut Is Permanent, Cost Down To $40

The Last Guardian has been getting rave reviews after it was released. However, its price has been slashed by 33 percent in the US recently. Take a look at the details below.

The Last Guardian Price Cut

Sony has confirmed a permanent price cut for The Last Guardian. From $60, it went down to $40 at the PlayStation Store. Furthermore, the game has been sold for less in the United Kingdom (UK). It’s currently £30 on the UK PlayStation Store, while in other online stores, the game costs £27 on Amazon. However, Sony has been silent on whether the price cut is permanent in both the UK as well as the US.

Meanwhile, Sony revealed a record number of PlayStation 4 consoles shipped for the quarter. Despite the larger number of shipments, the company’s profits are still in a decline.

Full-Scale World Landscape In Last Guardian

Fans of The Last Guardian know that the game will be taking place in quite a large overworld. There are bodies of water that run deep and towers that are sky high. The magnanimous cat-bird-dog hybrids live freely across the land.

In the game, players will be tasked to explore a mysterious set of ruins. Although beautiful in itself, they have their own mysteries for the players to unfold. It becomes tough to assess just how large the overworld is due to the massive area that players can explore. However, a user in Reddit created a map that will make it easier for gamers to familiarize themselves with the game.

Reddit user CandykillerArt uncovered a full-scale map of the game. Shown on this map are pillars almost everywhere, and the landscape is covered in ruins. Thanks to Adobe Photoshop, the overworld was built together.

Another Reddit member named LYRAA3 took the time to label the most important locations. Parts of the map were labeled, especially those areas that are significant in the game. Fair warning, though, as the map contains spoilers.

The Last Guardian

Full scale map of the mysterious world of The Last Guardian. Image source: Reddit

Another Ueda Masterpiece

The game, developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio and genDESIGN, is a tale of friendship. A young boy starts an unusual bond with a hybrid named Trico.

The young boy can control Trico by luring him with food in order to get to places. On top of this, Trico also needs to avoid enemies along the way. Observers who know Fumito Ueda will recognize bits and pieces from games such as Shadow of the Colossus, released in 2005, and Ico, released in 2001. The visionary director used “design through subtraction,” which is prevalent in his previous games.

Ueda’s masterpiece was finally released in December of 2016 after almost a decade-long wait. Happy with the price cut? Comment below. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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