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The Last Of Us 2 Game & Release Date: Where Is Joel Now

Last Of Us 2 Game
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The Last Of Us 2 Game & Release Date: Where Is Joel Now

Troy Baker revealed during the MetroCon that he is not aware of the development of Last Of Us 2 Game. The discussions in the MetroCon resulted to rumors that Joel [Baker’s character] is no longer part of the story. Meanwhile, rumors prance by on the game’s release date.

Rumor Sources Speculate More

Social media posts fired up rumors about the game’s possible release date. The talks at MetroCon on the other hand, hinted a possible demise of Joel’s character in the game.

Suspicions from game fans arose the instance Baker said he is unaware of the game’s existence. Instantly, many went berserk and some were disappointed.

Were the producers supposed to surprise the actor all along until it was preempted? Or, is Baker’s character totally removed from the Last Of Us universe?

While the rumors are yet to be confirmed, co-actor Nolan North signified from his end at the MetroCon that he is also unaware about the game’s development.

Fans Look At The Best Part 

For the best part, Sony released a statement about green lighting the game. Clearly, Sony and Naughty Dog are now developing The Last Of Us 2 Game. That’s for sure.

Unofficial Statements Call For A Release On 2018

A number of sources speculate that the release date of The Last Of Us 2 Game is sometime in early 2018.  A game such as this would require time to be perfected. Thus, fans responded to the rumor with the usual delight.

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More Speculations:

Meanwhile, Naughty Dog, the main developer of the Last Of Us 2 Game has not yet given any statement about the exact release date of the game. Also, the company remains silent over the rumors centering on Troy Baker.

A feature in a trailer remains certain in the midst of the hullabaloos, though. The feature shows 19-year old Ellie covered in blood and playing the guitar. Subsequently, this scene goes on with Joel walking over to Ellie saying, “What are you doing, kid?”.

Now, that’s one way to make a trailer for a PlayStation game. Obviously, the feature left us all berserk.

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