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The Last Of Us 2 News: Game To Include ‘Personal Politics’

The Last Of Us 2
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The Last Of Us 2 News: Game To Include ‘Personal Politics’

Some would agree that the fun in video games is being able to submerge yourself in a world where there isn’t any direct stance involved. And yet, The Last Of Us seem to break that notion. The game is widely popular not just for its graphics but its storyline, and it seems it will continue in The Last Of Us 2.

According to The Last of Us 2 creator Neil Druckmann, his “personal politics” were the inspiration for the game. The fan expressed that they enjoyed the game except how it went near the end. The fan then asked if they could avoid the same thing in the sequel but Druckmann said, “No can do.”

Should Personal Politics Be Avoided?

It is known that the game was a personal project for Druckmann. It’s only expected that The Last Of Us 2 would follow the feel of the first one. Some think that this wouldn’t have a touch of the developers love for the game for them to adjust to the fans’ needs should they change it.

The fan who asked Druckmann on Twitter has deleted the Tweet. But anyone who is still planning to ask the developers to change the story line of TLOU 2 have their thoughts answered.

TLOU 2 Release Date

There isn’t any confirmed release date or update for TLOU 2 as of the moment. The game is in its very early stages and development that no date has been given.

What’s only known so far is that the game takes place five years after the first one and that Joel and Ellie will return. Players may also be able to control Ellie in the sequel.

For more news on The Last Of Us Part 2, keep posted on Video Games Republic.

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