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The Last Of Us 2 Release Date May Be Delayed – How Execs Got Involved

The Last Of Us 2


The Last Of Us 2 Release Date May Be Delayed – How Execs Got Involved

Fans of Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us 2 may have to wait for the game a little longer to see how the protagonists Ellie and Joel settle matters from the first title. Unfortunately, this may be due to changes in Naughty Dog’s management. However, just what is happening in the company – and how will it affect TLOU2 and its other titles?

The Last Of Us 2 remains to be one of the most expected Naughty Dog entries because of the success of its prequel. Fans have praised The Last Of Us and its unique take on narrative games. This led gamers to wait for news of a sequel, which was confirmed to be in development last 2016.

Unfortunately, Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra has just announced his departure from the company. While managerial changes are common in the corporate world, it may cause some concern for fans of the publisher. After all, not much news is known about The Last Of Us 2 and its ongoing development. Are these changes going to stall the title’s development?

The Last Of Us 2: Release Date, Naughty Dog Exec’s Resignation

The news came courtesy of a Naughty Dog blog post. It revealed that Balestra decided to leave as he wants to pursue some personal ambitions of his. He also reiterated his desire to spend more time with his family.

The post added his last day with the studio will be on April 3. According to Game Rant, Balestra joined the company in 2002 as one of its programmers. He was eventually promoted co-president with Evan Wells three years later. It was under his supervision that the studio introduced the popular Uncharted franchise back then.

However, the impact of Balestra’s exit remains to be unseen. Naughty Dog has not released any statements about any form of managerial shuffle within the company. The article did establish that the publisher’s progress with some of its titles may not be affected.

This can be of concern to Naughty Dog fans as The Last Of Us sequel is not the only title they are working on. For instance, they are also working on The Lost Legacy, a spin-off to the Uncharted series, which is slated for a 2017 launch. Unfortunately, players may have to wait for news regarding these projects to confirm the state of their development.

Other News, Speculations

It can be remembered that The Last Of Us sequel may hopefully answer questions from gamers who played the first title. Fans may now resolve issues concerning Joel’s big “secret” to Ellie, as he never told her he killed the survivors in the last segment of the first game. These survivors, called the Fireflies, wanted to use her body to find a vaccine to the story’s viral plague. Unfortunately, Ellie might die in the experiments.

This led to Joel making the decision to kill the survivors to ensure Ellie’s safety – but he never told these events to her in the first game’s ending. Head writer Neil Druckmann, in fact, confirmed that the sequel will have a story as emotionally-charged as the first’s. According to Game Informer, the title will actually be a story of “hate.”

Moreover, Ellie’s discernible anger in the new trailer has had fans wondering about the source of her rage. Joel’s inability to change her mind about a mysterious “task” is also a point of contention. This led to a few fan theories about the game, particularly in Reddit.

Unfortunately, Naughty Dog may take a little more time before they allow fans to resolve the story’s plot. Druckmann and the Naughty Dog team have to confirm these story elements during the game’s development. The Last Of Us sequel does not have a release date yet, but it is confirmed to be a PlayStation title.

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