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The Last Of Us 2 Release Date & News: Game Will Not Have Happy Ending

The Last Of Us 2


The Last Of Us 2 Release Date & News: Game Will Not Have Happy Ending

The Last of Us 2 still has its mysteries that baffle fans. After all, its predecessor did leave a lot of questions for the sequel to answer. However, if its devs are any indication, it may definitely not get a happy ending.

For fans who need a flashback, The Last of Us 2 is the second installment of the hit game The Last of Us. The post-apocalyptic story dealt with the tale of Joel and Ellie as they try to survive what is left of the world, meeting various monsters and enemies along the way. However, unlike other survival horror titles, its compelling narrative captured the hearts of many.

The game ended with a climactic finish. Joel killed the members of a resistance that wanted to send Ellie, the only human immune to the game’s deadly virus, to a group of scientists for experimentation. However, Ellie could have died from the experiments, prompting Joel to kill their supposed allies unbeknownst to the former. Now, creative director Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog is ready to reveal more details about The Last of Us 2 and its overarching theme.

The Last Of Us 2: Ellie and Joel’s Fate

The news came courtesy of Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth (via StarzPost), who had an interview with Druckmann. The creative director confirmed the game will center around “hate,” a concept totally opposite of the first game’s overall theme of “love.” Druckmann added the game will center around the “cycle of violence and hatred.”

The statement came with a guarantee that Druckmann may not even write a “happy” ending to the game. Of course, the use of the word “happy” is relative to what Druckmann and the rest of the staff at Naughty Dog think. After all, players can consider Ellie and Joel being together in the first game as a “good” ending. However, the fact that Joel lied to Ellie about killing their allies may be “bad.”

While the next section will deal with fan theories, it is important to take note that Naughty Dog has had quite a history of misleading fans. Druckmann did admit in a PlayStation Magazine interview (via Games Radar) that the trailer for the first game was indeed meant to mislead players.

This particular trailer showed Joel struggling on the floor with Ellie pointing a gun at him (around 1:33 in the video below). The initial theory is that Joel may be infected at some point in the story. However, this never made it to the actual game. The same tactic may happen in the sequel.

Story Decisions, Directions

This interview can hopefully fill a big gap in some fan theories surrounding the plot. Fans have differing theories to the game’s nature and the fate of the protagonists, much of them heavily contrasting one another. Still, one thing is now certain: fans will not be happy about the game’s conclusion.

Most of the theories have come from curious Reddit gamers who took time to analyze the game’s footage. The most prevalent theory in the Reddit thread is that Joel may be dead, and Ellie is on a quest to exact revenge on his killers. Others think Ellie found out the “secret” and killed Joel herself. This is because in the trailer below, Joel is “bathed” in light, a common indication of a hallucination.

Another recent theory is that Ellie may be pregnant, and the body on the ground in the trailer is her rapist – or perhaps a cohort. This poses another interesting point of dialogue, as Ellie will bring “life” while she is exacting “hate” to other people. Regardless of the theories, it seems Ellie’s “anger” will indeed be the center of the game.


This can be an interesting gameplay element, with players being able to control Ellie with Joel either being a side character or a “ghost.” The same “plot twist” happened in Call of Duty: Black Ops, where a non-playable character (NPC) was seen helping the protagonist. It was revealed in the end that this NPC was in fact a figment of the protagonist’s imagination, and that the NPC had been dead in an earlier encounter.

Regardless, Ellie’s particular prominence in the trailer indicates it may be her turn to be the “eyes and ears” of the players. Her growth indicates a few years have passed since the first game, and a lot may have happened in between. Naughty Dog may hopefully release more details about the game in the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this June 14 to 16.

The title has no release date yet. However, since it was revealed in the PlayStation Experience 2016 last year, the game may arrive very soon.

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