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The Last Of Us 2 Release Date & News On Ellie’s Possible Pregnancy

The Last Of Us 2


The Last Of Us 2 Release Date & News On Ellie’s Possible Pregnancy

Fans of The Last Of Us 2 may have to wait for a while to play the full game. However, it does not mean they cannot make their own theories. This one, though, seems to take it to the next level.

It can be remembered that fans have been clamoring for The Last Of Us 2 because of the success of the first story. It was also because of the rather unexplained ending of the first game. Just what happened to the protagonists after they fled from the infection plaguing the world?

As expected, fans have been making their own theories about The Last Of Us 2 ever since the reveal trailer. However, all doors are open for speculations. Take this new theory with a grain of salt as this has not been confirmed by Naughty Dog.

The Last Of Us 2: Ellie’s Pregnancy?

Perhaps the most surprising theory so far suggests that the protagonist Ellie is actually pregnant in the new game. This came courtesy of the community page of the PlayStation Blog. Fans pointed out that an Easter Egg for the game was found in Uncharted 4.

The Easter Egg comes in the form of a pregnant woman wearing a gas mask that hid her face. Fans argued this can be an older version of Ellie, who stars in the sequel. However, others said this cannot be the case as Ellie is immune to the virus that plagued the world. Regardless, another argument is that she would not take any chances as a future mother to keep her baby safe.

This new take on the narrative will actually add new depth to Ellie’s character. Previously known as the child whom Joel had been struggling to protect in the first game, perhaps now is the time for Ellie to protect a child of her own, albeit an unborn one. The game will then be an intense coming of age tale in a post-apocalyptic future.

Venturing Into The Narrative

According to IBTimes, the theory carries on in that the house Ellie was in is the house of her rapist. It was even argued that Ellie playing the guitar may conveniently cover a bump in her torso, implying a pregnancy. Of course, other fans are still arguing against the notion as the proof is not substantial.

Some argued that the game’s narrative may be too “complex” to simply be about Ellie’s revenge for her rapists. It can be noted that The Last Of Us was critically-acclaimed precisely because of their alternative take on the post-apocalyptic genre. Neil Druckmann, head writer, pointed out that the game will be including their “personal politics” as writers, and will therefore be more than “just a narrative game.”

Interestingly, others said the house Ellie was in may be the headquarters of the Fireflies, as their symbol is seen early in the reveal trailer. As to just what she is doing in the headquarters of the closest semblance to a human “civilization” in the game, no one knows. However, fans ask, if Ellie is not pregnant, then who was the pregnant woman in Uncharted 4?

People were quick to say that perhaps Naughty Dog was just playing with the idea. Others said that the pregnancy subplot can be option in the game, but Ellie may not carry the baby. Regardless, the strongest theory so far is that Ellie is avenging the death of Joel, whose appearance in the trailer was vague.

Players curious about the theory can interpret the reveal trailer below. Sadly, there is no confirmed release date for the game yet.

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