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The Last Of Us 2 Release Date & Spoilers May Explore Ellie’s Sexuality

The Last Of Us 2
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The Last Of Us 2 Release Date & Spoilers May Explore Ellie’s Sexuality

Naughty Dog’s hit title The Last Of Us has been praised for its dark tone and story. It only makes sense for The Last Of Us 2 to be more or less in the same setting. However, this time, the game will be focusing on Ellie’s character.

The Last Of Us was already a great game to start with. Its dark post-apocalyptic tone established a lot of great scenes. The mere fact that a movie is on the way is proof of its popularity, and The Last Of Us 2 will have to meet the standards of its predecessor.

However, it seems head writer Neil Druckmann is already on his way to surpass the first game. It appears The Last Of Us 2 will heavily focus on Ellie’s development as a person. This strafes away from previous lead character Joel and his growth in the previous title.

The Last Of Us 2: All About Ellie

This news is courtesy of an interview with GayGamer. Druckmann has revealed that Ellie was always written as a gay character, as evidenced by the downloadable content (DLC). It appears Ellie and her best friend Riley’s relationship was deeper than expected.

It can be remembered that the recent DLC for the game had Ellie and Riley as playable characters. When the incident occurred, Riley said they could shoot each other or spend time together. Ellie opted for the latter, and kissed Riley.

She immediately apologized for this, but Riley said it was okay. This can be a surprising move for some fans, and predictable for some. Regardless, it seems even the actresses knew the two had chemistry.

Release Date

Regardless, fans can only find out by playing the new game. Sadly, the sequel to the hit game still does not have a release date. However, some are hoping it can be released by the end of the year. According to IBTimes, Naughty Dog has yet to announce a release for the year, meaning this game may in fact be it.

Druckmann confirmed this, saying there was “this chemistry” on the get go. It appears the writer wants to bank on this premise and develop Ellie further. Of course Druckmann did not reveal just how much will Ellie develop based on her orientation.

The sequel is already hinted to be of a darker tone than the last game. Players who watched the trailer below will see a very dark and vengeful Ellie out for revenge. A cameo of Joel tried to dissuade her, but it seems Ellie has already made her mind.

As for what she’s about to do, no one really knows. It may be about Joel’s big “mystery” as revealed in the last game’s ending. However, it could be about another subject matter entirely. Regardless, Ellie is on a warpath and the consequences can be dire.

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