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The Netflix Video Game Features All Your Favorite Netflix Characters

Netflix Video Game
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The Netflix Video Game Features All Your Favorite Netflix Characters

If you enjoy watching Netflix movies, viewers will surely love a new feature apart from the Switch which allows users to automatically dim the lights while watching. But this one isn’t about watching. Rather, it is about gaming with the new Netflix Video Game which features your favorite TV show characters.

The game is called the Netflix Infinite Runner wherein a character will be engaged in an endless runner game. While playing, one can choose from four characters. The setting of the game depends on the character’s TV show that a player will choose.

Netflix Video Game Characters

The Netflix Infinite Runner features popular characters from four popular original shows which include Narcos, Marco Polo, Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things. The characters are Pablo Escobar, Marco Polo, Piper Chapman, and Mike Wheeler. Even if Marco Polo was canceled after season 2, the game still featured that level.

While playing Pablo Escobar, the setting is in Columbia just like the show. As for Piper, she will be catching chickens while going through cafeteria trays. But according to Gizmodo, the coolest of all levels is that of Mike which is based on Stranger Things. Mike needs to escape security from Hawkins National Laboratory while running away from the Demogorgon. He will also get help from Stranger Things fan-favorite, Eleven.

For now, the above-mentioned characters are the only ones available as of this moment. Netflix did not mention if they will be adding more levels. But it would be interesting if more TV shows will be featured in the game.

The Netflix Video Game

The 8-bit game is very basic but it would be perfect for those who just want to take a break and have some fun. The characters would simply run and jump. A player will just hit the spacebar to jump over obstacles as they run.

This side-scrolling game is currently being promoted in the Spanish and Indian social media accounts of Netflix. Since it is still new, it will surely be promoted on other accounts as well. Indeed, this game is a good way to kill time while waiting for your next Netflix show to load.

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