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The Town Of Light Game Release Date To Be Available On PS4

Town of Light game


The Town Of Light Game Release Date To Be Available On PS4

The Town of Light game is expected to be a major attraction for PlayStation users. This is a psychological horror based game. The game is also set in a mental health institution.

The Town of Light game delves into actual history for its setting. This mental asylum was eventually shut down in the year 1978. It was reported that the practices followed here were “too cruel” to digest.

The Town of Light game was already made available on the PC platform last year. The Italian developers have now officially announced that it is coming to the PlayStation 4. Gamespot reports that Sony’s gaming environment will receive this game later in 2017.

What Else Should You Know?

However, final release dates are still unannounced. The confirmation has come from screenwriter and art director Luca Dalco. The game draws inspiration from real life events.

The game is based in Italy’s Volterra Pyschiatric Asylum in Tuscany. This is a real facility that ran for around 100 years prior to its closure. Dalco states that the game seeks to give players “a glimpse into the treatment of those suffering with mental illness”.

The period focused on is the “mid-part of the 20th century” according to Dalco. Players will become Renne who resides in the institution. The facility is now completely in ruins and players have to explore it to figure out Renne’s past.

Insights on the Game

The game is not meant for children. This is because it contains several “delicate themes” and several other elements that are not suitable for kids. Dalco also states that there are “some difficult moments” in the game.

This does justice to people who suffered earlier due to a system which “itself didn’t know all of the answers” according to him. He also talks of how things are way different in recent times. He states that “great advances” have been made in terms of caring for people with mental illnesses as per Aggro Gamer.

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