So it is highly likely that another set of different characters will get killed off in The Walking Dead Season 7 now that Rick is about to retaliate against Negan and The Saviors.

Who may die?

iDigital Times has given its commentary as to who will die before this season of the horror drama series ends.

Carol is one prospective death that will leave fans crying if it happens. During the season, Carol lost her will to live but still, she does not want to be alone. She is a tough fighter and fans would want to see her give one last fight before she says goodbye if ever this happens.

Sasha has gone past the stage of wanting to die already. But she will do anything to protect pregnant Maggie. She may even attempt to go to Negan herself to kill him. This is a risky move because Negan does anything that he can to show who’s the boss.

Rosita has to go because she was the main reason why Negan killed a few more of their crew. She pulled off a stunt in trying to kill Negan back in Season 7 Episode 8 but she missed the shot which hit Negan’s bat, Lucille instead.

Eugene has been captured by Negan and the latter will get what he wants out of Eugene, whether it be how to make bullets or getting all the other information he needs. Daryl has escaped and once Negan discovers this, Eugene will taste Negan’s wrath.

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Morgan is the peace keeper in the world of The Walking Dead. Morgan’s storyline has become uninteresting. He has found The Kingdom and has already served his purpose.

Enid may also die because he is Carl’s girlfriend and it would be a really sad ending if Carl loses someone again. This may ultimately raise the show’s ratings.

iDigital Times suspects that Sasha is the most possible victim of death because she landed a deal with Star Trek: Discover.

The Walking Dead Season 7

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Other Spoilers

Comic Book has also laid down clues and secrets in the mid-season finale of the show that just recently aired.