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Titanfall 2 Guide, Tips & Walkthrough: How To Survive Multiplayer Mode

Titanfall 2 Guide
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Titanfall 2 Guide, Tips & Walkthrough: How To Survive Multiplayer Mode

Titanfall 2 was just recently released in October of this year but it has already made a big impression on the gaming world. The game received many favorable reviews for its amazing visuals and outstanding gameplay. While it has a single player mode, it seems the multiplayer mode is the more exciting one.

Titanfall 2 guide to surviving the multiplayer mode

Starting the game

There are six Titans in the final release of Titanfall 2. However, only three are unlocked when a player starts the game: Scroch, Ion and Northstar. Titans Ronin, Legion, and Tone will be unlocked through in-game purchasing or leveling up in the game.

There are also three classes available for the players at the start of the game: Tactical, Pulse-Blade and Grapple. As most Titanfall 2 guides say, it is advised to start off with Tactical and Pulse-Blade then wait to use Grapple when the player is more used to the game.

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Each player will start off with three grenades: the standard Frag grenade, an Arc Grenade, and a Firestar one. According to a report by IGN, new players might have difficulty using the third one.

Ready your Titan

Like any other game, players have to master the main vessel. In this case, gamers have to master the titan, specifically how to use them. Second is to equip it with it with an assault kit. In the beginning of the game, there are two Kits to choose from: Power Cell and Fast Regen. According to a report by Travelers Today, Power Cell will be the better option as it will enhance the attack power of the Titan. The kit that has Fast Regen is more of a defensive kit.

Probably one of the favorite kits, however, is the nuclear injection kit. This will turn the titan’s core into a nuclear bomb. This will be ideal if the titan is in a no-choice-situation. When the bomb goes off, all other enemies surrounding it will also be hit.

Stay tuned for more Titanfall 2 guide and tips in the next few days!

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