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Titanfall 2 Review: Has The Game Improved Since Beta Test


Titanfall 2 Review: Has The Game Improved Since Beta Test

The technical test of Titanfall 2 was held in order to stress test the servers of developer Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming game. While beta tests do not show the final quality of the game, fans felt in the beta test that Titanfall 2 has badly altered what was memorable in the original title. Respawn heard the backlash and has promised to make the necessary changes. Now that the game has been out for a couple of weeks, has the developers kept their promises?

Technical Test Differences

The final game now feels much faster compared to the original title. This applies to both walking on the ground and wall running. The eject height whenever a Pilot’s Titan is doomed has also been increased.

One of the complaints in the technical test of the sequel is that the maps are larger in Titanfall 2, making it difficult to take advantage of the game’s movement system. There has been no apparent changes made on this end. Nonetheless, there are maps in the full game that are smaller compared to the one found in the technical test. All new content, including DLC maps, will also be given away to all players for free.

Another complaint in the beta test is that players can see the red outline of enemies from a distance. Respawn has enabled an option in the game menu that enables players to change this based on their preferences.

The Titanfall Reddit forum was previously littered with negativity during the time the technical test rolled out, but this has now changed since the full game launched. Titanfall 2 is currently sitting with an 87 average score on Open Critic. It’s also worth noting that Battlefield 1 also has an 87 average score on the site. Meanwhile, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has a 78 average rating. If you love fast paced shooters and a game that has a great single-player campaign, you should definitely consider getting Titanfall 2.

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