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Titanfall 2 Twitter Account Spams Netizens Looking For New Games

Titanfall 2

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Titanfall 2 Twitter Account Spams Netizens Looking For New Games

Titanfall 2 is at the centre of a storm at present. The official Twitter account of the game has rubbed fans the wrong way. It has reportedly been spamming people who desire newer games openly.

The Titanfall 2 Twitter account is spamming other users of the social network. This happens whenever these users tweet about desiring new games to play. The official account is now slammed for being ultra aggressive in overall marketing.

The game’s Twitter account is continually messaging users even if they issue the tiniest statement about any other game. This phenomenon has been mapped by CMA Productions on Reddit. Kotaku reports that the official account aggressively suggests Titanfall to players seeking newer games.

What Else Should You Know? 

While the game is pretty good, this marketing strategy reeks of desperation. A few months earlier, the official account issued cheap statements about rival Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The official account is the responsibility of EA although Respawn Entertainment has several Infinity employees.

The official Battlefield account for EA made a major faux pas earlier. This started the tone deaf #justWWIthings hashtag. This came in for major criticism and several accounts had to be deleted.

An official apology also had to be issued in this regard. Polygon also reports that the game may have not performed as expected. Even though the game is absolutely amazing, sales numbers may have fallen short of expectations.

Is this why the marketing team is getting aggressive? The official Twitter account has fomented trouble in the past. It may be time for EA to do a rethink on what’s going wrong online.

What Will Happen Eventually? 

Titanfall 2 is desperately trying to get a message across with poor results. Now that these tactics have come in for severe censure, the makers may take redemptive action. Will they or won’t they?

This is the big question on the lips of fans of the game. The game’s future sales prospects will also take a beating due to this issue. This controversy will take some time to boil over.

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