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Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.6 Update: What We Know About March 9 Free Trial

The Division 1.6
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Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.6 Update: What We Know About March 9 Free Trial

Ubisoft will hold an event where interested people can try out Tom Clancy’s The Division for free. With the upcoming The Division 1.6 update, a free trial version of the game can be downloaded starting tonight until March 9, 2017.

Those who do not own the game can try it for a limited time on their Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The free trial would consist of six hours of gameplay or a character leveled up to level eight. According to Stevivor, once the trial ends, players can transfer their progress to the main game if they decide to purchase it.

The Division 1.6 Update Adds The Last Stand Final Expansion

The next update to Tom Clancy’s The Division would include the game’s third and last expansion called The Last Stand. Like the previous downloadable contents (DLCs), Underground and Survival, it would first come out on the Xbox One and PC before the PlayStation 4.

The Last Stand expansion would feature a more difficult Dark Zone North Area and a new PvP mode, Last Stand. Said mode would take place in the featured map which presses teams of eight to fight each other. Developers also added Stolen Signal, a new Incursion, into the game.

The Division 1.6 Update: Other Contents

Aside from the Last Stand game mode, the update would also include new Contamination events set in a Dark Zone underground location. This includes more exotic weapons, landmarks and a Dark Zone leaderboard.

According to GameSpot, the update will also include a feature that would expose top players to an ultra-difficult Legendary mode. The said mode would be harder and tougher compared to the others and it only allows the best of the best to compete in it.

Those who purchased The Division’s Season Pass for US$39.99 would instantly unlock the Last Stand DLC for free on its release date. Meanwhile, those who did not avail of such promo have to purchase the expansion for US$14.99.

The previous Underground expansion offered a unique gameplay experience since it attempted to bring back the Dark Zone mechanics. It introduced better loop drops, the ability to customize future operations, and a harder difficulty setting.

The loot drops would most likely depend on the directives applied by the players. So, the more loot applied, the better the loot will be towards the end of a mission. This makes Underground the perfect expansion to grind for experience and items.

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