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Tomb Raider 4 HD: What To Expect From Fan-Made Mod

Tomb Raider 4 HD
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Tomb Raider 4 HD: What To Expect From Fan-Made Mod

Those who are looking for more classic Lara Croft action can stay tuned to a Tomb Raider 4 HD fan project in the works. This is immensely good news for fans of the 1999 title Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation. While other fan projects normally end cancelled, the team has made considerable progress.

It’s been 17 years since the smash hit game has hit consoles. This was made by Core Design and Eidos Interaction, released in Halloween in 1999. This was the fourth installment in the beloved franchise of Tomb Raider before it was rebooted.

It still follows the tale of Lara Croft, archeologist and adventurer extraordinaire. She’s 31 at this point, hell-bent on trying to prevent Armageddon. How? Why, by travelling to Egypt and discover an ancient artifact and stop a conspiracy, of course.

Tomb Raider 4 HD: Changes, Fixes

Fans have loved the game for its amazing story and keeping the heart of the story. The game definitely has its own Indiana Jones feeling to it, but Lara Croft keeps it modern. Sadly, the graphics at the time didn’t make up for the amazing depth of the story.

The modding group Raiding The Globe are hardcore Tomb Raider fans. Now they are trying to remake this game. This was probably sparked by the lack of remasters on the original set of Tomb Raider games. Now it appears the group took it upon themselves to make this Tomb Raider 4 HD game.

The group officially announced the project in their website. While not a lot of details are here so far, apparently the game will have sharper textures. Not only that, but objects will have higher quality and new effects will be introduced.

This means fans can expect smoother shadows, higher-quality sprites, and dynamic fogs. Though fans should not expect a release soon as the project is just in its early stages of development. However, pictures in the site definitely show that the graphics have been definitely smoother.

Other HD Fan “Remasters”?

Given the Square Enix-led reboot of the series, players may need their dose of the classic Lara Croft. Regardless, the 2013 reboot has been breaking records since its release. It even inspired a Tomb Raider film in the works.

Still, fans of the old games appear to be needing their exposure to the older Lara Croft. Raiding the Globe’s attempt to remake the game may bring hope to a lot of nostalgic fans. According to Game Rant, the original 1999 game was released to the original PlayStation and Dreamcast devices. It was even made available to the Microsoft Windows and Mac systems.

However, there are no other news on other groups trying to reboot other games in the franchise. Hopefully fan clamor for such may urge Square Enix and other develops to pick up the older titles for a more modern retelling of the story. Fans can reminisce with the old trailer below:

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