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Tony Rosato Death: Facts & Pics Of Cartoon Luigi Voice Actor

Tony Rosato Death
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Tony Rosato Death: Facts & Pics Of Cartoon Luigi Voice Actor

The news of Tony Rosato death has broken through the entertainment scene. Canadian comedian and actor Tony Rosato has reportedly died.

Larry Goldhar, Rosato’s agent, confirmed the actor’s death. Currently, an autopsy is underway and though it hasn’t been completed yet, it seems that Rosato has died from a heart attack.

Reports of Tony Rosato death has brought his past life to light. The actor was diagnosed with Capgras Delusion. It’s a condition that makes one believe that someone close to you was replaced by an impostor. In Rosato’s case, he believed that his daughter and wife were imposters.

Rosato was born in Naples, Italy on December 1954 and died at the age of 62.

Tony Rosato Death: Looking Back At His Life On Tv

Many knew Tony Rosato due to the number roles he played on TV. Furthermore, he’s most popular as the voice of Luigi from Super Mario. But he was also known for the characters he played on Saturday Night Live.

In 1976, he joined a Toronto TV sketch comedy known as SCTV where he played as Marcello, the clumsy TV chef. The show was popularly known as Cooking with Marcello and he appeared on SCTV for four seasons. As a result, the show went on to become a veteran along with Relic Hunter and Night Heat.

Afterwards, he went on to join Saturday Night Live where he became a performer with Robin Duke and Martin Short.

Tony Rosato went on to voice Luigi in Super Mario World and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. Because of this, Rosato was popularly called as Mama Luigi.

In addition, he’s also credited for being in Lonesome Dove, L.A. Law, and Due South.

News of Tony Rosato’s death has people remembering the actor and his works today. To check out his voice acting stunt for Luigi, check out this video clip below:

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