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Transformers Fighting Game 2017 For Mobile: Gameplay, Release Date & More

Transformers Fighting Game
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Transformers Fighting Game 2017 For Mobile: Gameplay, Release Date & More

A Transformers Fighting Game has been recently announced, called Transformers: Forced To Fight! This is great news for both fans of the franchise, as well as fighting game fanatics. What more could be fun that watching robots beating the scrap out of each other til the other one ends up a smoldering heap of scrap metal?

Transformers: Forced To Fight was developed and published by Kabam. Kabam is also responsible for the popular tablet and smartphone fighting game Marvel: Contest of Champions. So if you happened to have enjoyed the aforementioned game, then rest assured that this game would turn out to be fine, and not a heap of junk.

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Transformers: Forced To Fight – The Transformers Fighting Game!

The great thing about the game is that it wouldn’t just focus in one incarnation of the series. It would be a crossover for the series, which is a win for every fan of the franchise! From Generation 1 up to the latest incarnations of the show, and from the movies as well, whether you hate it or actually like it. So if you hated the movie version, look at the brighter side of things by beating the scrap out of them in the game! (Just don’t be a noob and lose to them, please.)

Transformers: Forced To Fight – The game play:

Aside from the things one would expect from the typical fighting game, the players could only select a few Transformers early on in the game. But, they would be able to collect more characters as they keep on playing the game. You could also manage up a team of your robots and let them grow and develop.

Ultimately, the Transformers Fighting Game seems promising.

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