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TwitchCon 2017 Set For October 2017: What We Know So Far

TwitchCon 2017
Image Source: Twitter / TwitchCon


TwitchCon 2017 Set For October 2017: What We Know So Far

The announcement for the third annual Twitch convention is up! TwitchCon 2017 is set for Oct 20 to 22 and it’s going to be big.

TwitchCon 2017, dubbed as the celebration of broadcasting and gaming within the Twitch community, is set to have their convention in the second half of the year. The event still remains in California. But according to the announcement, the gathering will be at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in Los Angeles.

Long Beach is chosen as this year’s venue due to the location of the city. According to the news release, Long Beach is accessible seeing as it has three airports and all of which are within the convention center.

Several restaurants are also there to accommodate the delegates coming from around the globe. In addition, affordable hotels are available in Long Beach compared to previous TwitchCons. Discounted hotel rates can be purchased via the TwitchCon website for those interested.

Back in 2015, TwitchCon was celebrated in San Francisco. TwitchCon 2016 was then celebrated at the San Diego Convention Center. Last year, more than 35,000 people went to the three day event.

TwitchCon has doubled in size through the years so one can expect the third convention to be even grander. The new director of TwitchCon, Krystal Herring, acknowledges the fans, creators and exhibitors in their efforts to make what TwitchCon is today. She also said that their goal for 2017 is to continue celebrating “all things Twitch”.

Ticket sales for this year’s TwitchCon isn’t up yet, but Twitch announced that they’ll provide the ticketing details soon.

Twitch IRL

Along with the announcement of TwitchCon 2017, Herring also revealed Twitch IRL. This is a new category from Twitch which adds more content beyond gaming. These include “social eating” and other “in real life” experiences.

With Twitch IRL, people can live stream their daily activities. This feature will soon be available on the Twitch mobile app.

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