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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 PS4, Xbox One & PC Release in GameStop! How to Buy

Marvel vs Capcom 3
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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 PS4, Xbox One & PC Release in GameStop! How to Buy

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for the PS4 would finally have a physical copy in the US. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is planned for release next year, so that would still take around a year for the wait. That also means UMVC3 isn’t obsolete yet. The recent availability of a physical copy further cements this. However, it would be exclusive to American shores.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

The game is an updated version of MvC3, so the third incarnation of the game feels incomplete without this. Especially with the addition of several characters in the roster. UMvC3 was first released in seventh-gen consoles five years ago.

Eight-Generation Consoles Port

Five years had already passed and the game is still going strong. This resulted in the game being ported to the PS4, which was released this December 3 in digital format.

Capcom had also confirmed that UMvC3 would also be ported to the Xbox One and the PC. Capcom said they would be available March next year. The Xbox One and PC versions would also be available in digital format and physical format by the time of their release.

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PS4 Port Availability

The recently released PS4 port appears to have been released solely in digital format. But as it turns out, there is actually a physical port of the game! They are exclusively available at GameStop shops in the US. This has also been confirmed by Niche Gamer. Those who live overseas and want a physical copy of the game either have to import, or wait for further announcement from Capcom. The company has still not clarified the nationwide availability of physical copies of the PS4 port in the future.

The Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 ports for 8th-gen systems comes free with all the previous DLC’s, as well as a new gallery mode, and a 1080p resolution at 60 frames-per-second. As reported in the the PlayStation Life Style website

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