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Ultra Street Fighter 2 Gameplay: First-Person Mode & New Features

Ultra Street Fighter 2
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Ultra Street Fighter 2 Gameplay: First-Person Mode & New Features

Ultra Street Fighter 2 for the Nintendo Switch is a dash of nostalgia for fighting game fans. However, it has something new to offer as well. Ryu and his friends are back in the re-imagining of one of the most celebrated fighting games of all time.

The arrival of Ultra Street Fighter 2 for the Switch may come as a surprise for Nintendo fans. However, this is no new move from Capcom. They are already known for porting classic games in consoles. The Switch port for the fight game is an enhanced version of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

Interestingly, that’s not the only thing coming to Ultra Street Fighter 2. It seems there will be an entirely new first-person mode in the game. This means players will be able to fight in a mode previously only suited for swords and guns.

Ultra Street Fighter 2: First-Person Mode

This news is courtesy of a new video that was released on YouTube. It seems the game will be utilizing the motion control capabilities of the Joy-Con controllers. As expected, the first-person mode uses 3D graphics instead of the fast-paced 2D style of the game.

According to Nintendo Everything, the mode, called The Way of the Hado, features Ryu. He will be capable of throwing punches, uppercuts and jabs towards enemies. Of course, he will also be able to do his signature Hadouken attack.

This can give veteran Street Fighter fans something new to do. However, it can only be known if this will be a hit feature once the game hits shelves. Still, it is important to consider that the game is still in its early stages of development. The reveal for the game is at the three-hour mark of the video.

New Features, Updates

According to Game Rant, the game still obviously needs some work. For instance, there are times when the player wants an uppercut but the Hadouken is unleashed. The reverse also happens, which can be tricky if the feature will be utilized with actual fighting game dynamics.

Regardless, it is precisely of these little development inconsistencies that the game is not a Switch launch title. The article also cited that even if the first-person mode will not be as successful, the game still has other features to enjoy. Fans can switch from the classic game’s older visuals, or jump to a more fast-paced, hand-drawn art.

Hopefully, the new game can help boost the sales of other Street Fighter titles. After all, Street Fighter 5 had dismal sales since its release. Unfortunately, since Ultra is a re-release of a game in 1994, Capcom may have to offer more to reinvigorate fan interest.

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