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Uncharted 4 Update: Full Details Of Survival Hardcore Mode

Uncharted 4
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/theRadBrad account


Uncharted 4 Update: Full Details Of Survival Hardcore Mode

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is an action-adventure game by Naughty Dog which was released for the PS4 worldwide last May 10, 2016. This fourth installment is the last game in the Uncharted series. Yet, Naughty Dog still keeps on giving players new content and updates. They have recently launched a Hardcore Mode for the game.

Survival Hardcore Mode

Survival Hardcore Mode in Uncharted 4 introduces higher stakes. This new mode enables players to go through all 50 waves. However, the catch is that players only get one life and one chance in making it through. If ever a player loses, then he or she has to start again.

According to the official patch notes page of Uncharted 4, Hardcore Mode is an “intense new difficulty tier… not for the faint of heart.” The page states that the game will take “skill, close teamwork, and careful strategy.” Moreover, the update was made better. The 1.20.055 patch also provides for bug fixes and balance changes for the Survival Hardcore Mode of the game.

Bug Fixes

As provided for in the same official patch notes page, here are the following fixes incorporated in the update:

  • Bug fix in using c4 and mines against djinn boss
  • Players are now able to melee Disciple warlords against walls
  • Indra’s Eternity no longer slows the vulnerable timer of warlord bosses in the vulnerable mode
  • Enemies occasionally bind posing during combat
  • Players losing HUD is now fixed and they can become invincible if the Indra Warlord’s teleport grab is interrupted by an explosion
  • Explosive Expert not awarding the advertised bonus damage
  • Player’s damage bonuses for level, weapon level, and boosters calculated properly
  • Late joiner losing their gear, cash, and weapon when respawning before completing the wave fix
  • Armor Non-Player Characters will now drop appropriate score
Uncharted 4Pia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Uncharted 4 gameplay with the main protagonist, Nathan Drake.
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/theRadBrad account

Balance Changes

Aside from the fixes enumerated herein, Naughty Dog also applied Balance Changes in the update. The following are the said Balance Changes:

  • Arsenal price ramp based on difficulty: Easy costs multiplied by .75, Normal costs multiplied by x1, Hard costs multiplied by x1.25 and Crushing costs multiplied by x1.5
  • All bosses avoid Indra’s Eternity and El Dorado player mysticals
  • Brute enemies stagger less often when they are shot in the head
  • Additional grenade, mine and C4 arsenal cost
  • C4 now at the same rate as Grenades and Mines
  • Additional cost for Indra’s Eternity
  • Lesser price for Sprit of the Djinn and Path of Indra from the arsenal
  • Double ammo for Barok, Harbinger and Desert 5 from the arsenal
  • Lesser ammo for Stoner from 150 to 100 from the arsenal
  • Smaller costs of all Heavy Weapons in the arsenal
  • Added duration from 20 seconds to 30 seconds for Sprit of the Djinn
  • More base run speed for Sprit of the Djinn
  • Path of Indra revives teammates

The patch update also revives the Classic Mode to the game’s Beta Test Playlist. Naughty Dog stated that it was returned into the patches due to popular request. It is a “back-to-basics mode that focuses on core combat and movement.” The update also has a new ranked season and new qualifier systems.

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