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Uncharted Movie Does NOT Have Naughty Dog’s Support – Here’s Why

Uncharted Movie


Uncharted Movie Does NOT Have Naughty Dog’s Support – Here’s Why

Fans of the Uncharted series may find that the Uncharted movie is in a tricky state. It appears tensions are rising within its production. This is after a recent reveal from Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann that the studio is “not supporting” the film’s development. This puts the film in a bit of rough water as it appears to already have a script.

Gamers who are big fans of the franchise may have been waiting for the Uncharted movie. After all, given the game’s Indiana Jones vibes and news of a Tomb Raider film, it may be time for Nathan Drake to take the spotlight. That is, of course, if the production goes smoothly.

The Uncharted movie will grab its own take in the series. The games – and in this case the movie – follow the story of Nathan Drake, a descendant of the explorer and treasure hunter Sir Francis Drake. Each entry in the franchise takes Drake on a journey to discover various historical sites and treasures. The title is known for its witty banter and action sequences.

Uncharted Movie Details, Naughty Dog Tensions

The unfortunate rift between Naughty Dog and the film’s production was unveiled by a Tweet from Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann. He wrote that the studio knows “nothing” about the movie. He also added the writer does not have Naughty Dog’s “support.”

This is in response to recent news that screenwriter Joe Carnahan has revealed that he has made a script for the film. In his interview with, it was revealed the film is Rated-R and has a lot of action sequences. For fans, this is hope that the movie will truly come to life as there are not a lot of recent news about it.

Druckmann’s statement seems to follow-up with yet another tweet that said no one in the studio read Carnahan’s script. This means no one in Naughty Dog is in fact aware of the movie’s existence. Given these details, the film may be up for a rough ride before its completion and release.

Unfortunately, Druckmann’s statement hinted towards tensions between Naughty Dog and the film’s production staff. As Carnahan did say that the movie will try its best to emulate the thrill of the game, this may indicate that Naughty Dog wants in on the film’s development. Of course, only Druckmann or an official representative can clarify the issue.

On Future Titles, Releases

Unfortunately, the film does not have a release date. Fans of the title may have to wait for further news about its development. However, if the recent news are any indication, the production staff of Naughty Dog may have to settle their differences first in order for the film to have its desired direction.

As for a new entry in the franchise, fans may also have to wait. After all, Druckmann and the rest of the staff in Naughty Dog are also working on The Last of Us 2. Unfortunately, if the recent title’s story is any indication, it may be Nathan Drake’s last hurrah. Of course, Naughty Dog has the option of introducing a new protagonist, but this is entirely up to the development team.

The recent title in the franchise was published by Sony Entertainment last May 2016 for the PlayStation 4. Other games in the series are also PlayStation exclusives, being released on the PlayStation 3 and Vita. It also had a mobile game for the Android and iOS.

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