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Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games To Feature More Indie Developers

Nintendo Switch Games
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Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games To Feature More Indie Developers

Nintendo appears to have new plans for Nintendo Switch games. If the company does this, then fans can expect more indie titles in the device. This is good news for players who are looking forward to new entries in the new console-handheld hybrid.

Nintendo Switch is the newest device from Nintendo. The new device offers both an option to play it as a handheld or as a console. This allows players access to a multitude of Nintendo Switch games wherever they are.

Moreover, Nintendo fans are excited for new Nintendo Switch games as third-party developers confirmed support for the device. More than 70 developers promised to create games for the Switch. This means players can expect new releases from Nintendo very soon.

Nintendo Switch Games: Go For Indie

The news about the indie direction came courtesy of Nintendo itself. In an interview with Polygon, Nintendo indie relations head Kirk Scott confirmed the existence of more indie titles to the Switch. Nintendo calls these “Nindie” games, and in fact, some are already scheduled for release.

Players can look at the current selection of upcoming Nindie games in the tweet below. These amount to 64 indie games so far, including Stardew Valley, Yooka-Laylee and Shovel Knight. However, Nintendo affirmed that it will not release the titles all at once.

Damon Baker, head of partner management for Nintendo’s publisher and developer relations team, said Nintendo learned a lot of lessons from the Wii U. Part of this is not releasing all its titles on the release date. Fans consider the Wii U a “flop” after it didn’t release a lot of games throughout the course of its lifetime.

In fact, others consider the Switch the Wii U replacement. Zelda Breath of the Wild will be the final game for the Wii U before it stops production. The direction towards indie games may secure the Switch’s future with a steady stream of titles.

Nintendo Switch GamesRhenn Anthony Taguiam | Video Games Republic

An image attached to a Nintendo tweet detailing the “Nindie” games for the Switch.

Upcoming Titles, Features

Scott also elaborated that new Switch releases will be arriving at the eShop every week. Baker also said that the indie games will be released in a variety of release windows that stretch throughout spring and summer. Unfortunately, not much information was given about the specific dates.

Interestingly, Nintendo also wants to follow three traits when selecting indie games for Switch. The titles have to be critically-acclaimed and popular. The second trait is that the installments have to be cooperative and allow multiplayer options. The last is that the games should be entertaining and playable anywhere.

However, fans may speculate that these are not just the traits Nintendo is looking for in its games. The Switch is Nintendo’s first foray into serious console gaming. Whether or not the Switch can directly compete with Sony and Microsoft is too early to guess.

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