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Valve New Games 2017 May Revisit ‘Half-Life’ Universe

Valve new games 2017
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Valve New Games 2017 May Revisit ‘Half-Life’ Universe

The list of Valve new games 2017 may include something based on the Half Life universe. Valve’s Gabe Newell confirms that the company is presently focusing on single player offerings. He also states that Valve is quite open to reconsidering Half Life.

Valve new games 2017 may include a new instalment of Half Life. Nothing is confirmed as of yet though. Newell also confirms that VR (virtual reality) games are being designed by the company.

He also talks of “knuckles controllers” being crafted as well. The Valve new games 2017 list looks set to become more exciting. PC Gamer reports Newell stating that at least one single player game is being worked on.

Is Half-Life 3 Really Happening?

He also tactfully ducks the question by joking that the “number 3 must not be said”. This comes in response to a question on Half-Life 3. These interactions happened during Valve President Newell’s Reddit AMA.

Newell states that Valve remains open to revisiting the entire Half Life universe. Even if it is not the third instalment of the game, it would be something similar. This is what experts are gauging from his responses.

However, Newell remains strategically vague about the core question. He has already joked that he believes “all unidentified anonymous sources on the Internet”. This is in relation to rumours of Half-Life 3 not existing at all.

What Newell Also Said

He confirms that Source 2 is being used as the primary environment for game development. Dota 2 is also being shifted to this engine. The engine is also being used for creating upcoming products.

He also talks of how the goal is to get everyone at Valve using this engine for game development. He also states that the company will strive to make this engine accessible for the general developer community as well. The final mission is to make this available absolutely free of cost as per Polygon.

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