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Vampire Diaries Season 8 Spoilers: Status Of Stefan & Caroline In Finale

Vampire Diaries Season 8


Vampire Diaries Season 8 Spoilers: Status Of Stefan & Caroline In Finale

The latest Vampire Diaries Season 8 spoilers indicate that Stefan and Caroline may break up in the finale. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, there are some surprises in store for fans as per reports.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 spoilers also report Paul Wesley talking about the future direction of the series. Wesley has already expressed his doubts about the Stefan and Caroline relationship. He has already admitted that he does not have any concrete ideas about the future of this relationship.

Will the Couple Break Up? 

As per the latest Vampire Diaries Season 8 spoilers, the couple may break up eventually. iTech Post reports that Wesley has said that ultimately the wishes of fans would be honored. In case fans “want a June wedding, they’ll probably get a June wedding”.

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However, Wesley still thinks that Stefan has too many sins to his name. As a result, Stefan does not deserve the happiness brought to his life by this relationship according to him. Wesley also found the engagement with Caroline to be a nice distraction from the overwhelming reality.

Stefan’s Major Decision 

The 8th season is currently on the sixth episode and Sybil is the focal point. The show is now focusing on her manipulating all the people around here. Stefan and Caroline are also super busy dealing with future family issues. Stefan ultimately promises to save the twins and Sybil also takes control of Enzo’s mind.

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Stefan now has to enter his subconscious and change reality. He will then have to make a life changing decision. This may affect his future relationship with Caroline as per reports. News Everyday also talks of how Paul Wesley has admitted that he does not “think they should live happily ever after”.

Fans are also expecting Nina Dobrev to make a comeback to the show. However, Dobrev has not confirmed anything as of yet.

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