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Vikings Season 4 Cast & Spoilers: Meet The New & Recurring Characters

Vikings season 4
Image Source: Vikings Facebook Account


Vikings Season 4 Cast & Spoilers: Meet The New & Recurring Characters

Vikings is continuing its success from one season to another. History Channel recently announced that they are officially renewing the hit TV series for a fifth season. But before viewers get all excited with the next one, there is still the midseason of Vikings season 4 to watch out for.

Who are the new and recurring characters in Vikings season 4?

Travis Fimmel

Of course, what would Vikings season 4 be without its lead character Ragnar Lothbrok. He stood to be the face and image of the show since it was released in 2013. Coming in on the second half of the fourth season, Ragnar is now a powerful man and explorer. He met many men during his raids of the West who tried to put an end to his rise of power but to no success. And he may very well continue for more seasons to come.

Travis Fimmel is an Australian actor who recently played a role in the film Warcraft. He previously did supporting roles in independent film Ivory Trade, Needle and Restraint, Matthew McConaughey’s Surfer, Dude and The Experiment with Forest Whitaker.

Katheryn Winnick

Lagertha will still be played be actress Katheryn Winnick, The character is a beautiful and famous shield maiden who was the first wife of Ragnar. Although no longer together, she continues to fight alongside him. This is probably why people are still hoping that the two Vikings will get back together. As reported by Variety, fans always bring up the question of when it will finally happen every Comic-Con.

As reported by Heavy, Winnick’s portrayal of Lagertha earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the Critics Choice Award. On top of that, she won Best Actress in a Drama Series for years 2014 and 2015 by the Women’s Image Network.

Vikings Season 4

Image Source: Vikings Facebook Account

Moe Dunford

Ragnar is a powerful man because of his raids but Aethewulf is powerful by birth. Moe Dunford’s character is the son of King Ecbert who is being groomed to be the next one in line. Although he tries his hard to be a good man and son, he is known to have an uncontrollable temper.

Alexander Ludwig

Alexander Ludwig plays Bjorn who completes the main players of Ragnar’s first family. He is the oldest son of Ragnar and Lagertha who wishes to follow his father’s footsteps. Ludwig previously starred in thriller film Go With Me with Julia Stiles and Anthony Hopkins.

Lothaire Bluteau

Lothaire Bluteau is best known for his portrayal of Ambassador Marillac in the Emmy-award winning series The Tudors. He is playing the role of Emperor Charles who credits himself for defeating the Vikings.

Gustaf Skarsgard

Skarsgard plays a critical role in Vikings. He is a ship builder and is basically the reason why Ragnar was able to explore new lands.

Other cast members appearing on Vikings season 4 are Jasper Paakkonen, Alex Hogh Andersen, Marco Ilso, Linus Roache, Jennie Jacques, Peter Franzen, Morgane Polanski, Clive Standen and Alyssa Sutherland.

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