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Vikings Season 4 Spoilers: Ragnar & Lagertha May Get Back Together

Vikings Season 4


Vikings Season 4 Spoilers: Ragnar & Lagertha May Get Back Together

Vikings Season 4 spoilers have revealed that Lagertha and Ragnar may get back together! Past moments from their life may also be integrated into the storyline. The second part of Season 4 will focus a lot on the rise of Ragnar’s sons.

Vikings Season 4 spoilers also reveal that Lagertha’s son, Bjorn the Ironside, will be advancing more conquests on the Mediterranean. Bjorn will learn to hate Ragnar, his father, for abandoning him. However, he will still have the famed Viking conqueror’s genes to thank.

Vikings Season 4 spoilers reveal that Bjorn will be a major hero for the Vikings. Game N Guide reports that Ivar, Ragnar’s son, will become a famed Viking warrior. He will achieve this by leading the Great Heathen Army and invading England in the 800th century. He will do this in spite of being crippled.

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What Will Happen to Ragnar?

The Viking King Ragnar will meet his downfall, robbed of kingship and the love of his sons. The women in his life will not love him as well. He will be an emotionally distraught man who is far from the earlier terror of England and France that he was.

Ragnar and Lagertha may be brought together in the show. However, some feel that this just might not happen. Many still hope that the couple will be together in Valhalla. Den of Geek also reports that Ragnar and Lagertha will continue to play vital roles in Season 4.

More on Season 4 

The Season 4 Part 2 will come back with the 12th episode on the 7th of December. This episode will be called The Vision. Ragnar and Ivar had launched a journey with an old and broken down boat to Wessex.

Here, the crew has been bribed to help him get back his lost fame and power. However, he will end up a defeated leader due to a massive storm. This will make him land on his knees upon reaching Wessex.

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