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Does The Voice 2016 Support Donald Trump: Racist & Sexist Too [Review]


Does The Voice 2016 Support Donald Trump: Racist & Sexist Too [Review]

Donald Trump seems to have found an unlikely supporter in The Voice 2016 Season 11. The popular musical reality show has been mirroring the racist and sexist vibe of the president-elect during the elections according to some sources. The season has been mired with controversies over the voting out of 7 women in its past episodes. Also, there are reports of the male judges feuding with Miley Cyrus and wanting her out.

The Voice 2016 has been riddled with controversies from the start. Out of the 9 people voted out, 7 are women or people of color. This purge took place right before the elections wherein the live eliminations were revealed. This meant that every team would now have 3 members instead of the original 5.

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The coaches could then save just one contestant. The Voice 2016 judges Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton were the only ones saving women of color. Even Sa’Rayah departed on Tuesday night which disappointed many fans of the show. Aaron Gibson kept his spot in spite of Sa’Rayah getting a better response from the in-house crowd, notes Vulture.

The Voice 2016 Contestants

Adam Levine’s team only has white men in it as has been observed by several fans. Billy Gilman, though, is gay which is probably the only exception. There are more white men in Blake and Adam’s teams than in the teams helmed by Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus, notes another observation by Vulture. The Voice 2016 is a far cry from the 2011 season which was more inclusive and diverse. That season had people winning on the basis of merit irrespective of sexuality, skin color or age. Some question whether this season would be different.

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Finding a winner of color has been an uphill task till now and it has been many years since the country voted for one. America votes for white country singers majorly on The Voice as per recent observations. The show has lost its diversity over the years, according to a section of fans.

Notably, Inquisitr reports that Adam Levine and Blake Shelton both want female judge,  Miley Cyrus out of the show.

Reports reveal both coaches wish to quit due to Cyrus’ antics. They want Gwen Stefani instead of Cyrus who is currently dating Blake Shelton. This does seem quite in sync with the rather sexist and racist overtones of the show. Nonetheless, all are mere observations and whether Cyrus will leave The Voice 2016 abruptly is still to be seen.

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