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VR Headsets Shopping Guide: Best Systems Worth Buying

VR Headsets
Image source: Screen grab Youtube/MW Technology account


VR Headsets Shopping Guide: Best Systems Worth Buying

Ever since the VR headsets launched this year, a lot more models have appeared. Even though virtual reality is entirely new, it is difficult to choose among the present list of the VR headsets.

The VR headsets are one of the coolest inventions of the decade and this goes to show that humans are capable of innovating technology as time passes. These systems have been improving and updating for over just a year. With this, expect more new brands and models, and even replacements next year.

Having to keep up with this fast pace, it is a challenge to buy the best VR headset in the market. With all the new developments and possible additions, shoppers may have a hard time buying the headset that they need and want.

What to Expect

The best headsets of 2016 are ones that can be plugged into high-end gaming PCs or a PlayStation 4. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are similar types. The disadvantage with these are that it has wires that are distracting while playing with VR and also the headsets create a sense of discomfort.

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Systems Worth Buying

HTC Vive

VR Headsets

Image source: Screen grab Youtube/HTC Vibe account

HTC and Valve’s collaboration resulted to the Vive. While experiencing this full-motion room-scale system, players can experience the most “full-room” immersion, according to CNet .

The Vive can track space up to 15 feet diagonally and track movement in any direction. This headset has one-to-one movement tracking, a natural 110-degree view, natural feel of the movement and has the best controllers. Vive has a software library via Steam which includes Google Earth and Tilt Brush.

For a “premium VR experience”, as cited in Tech Radar, this system is worth $800. But CNet labels it as the best way to explore a Star Trek-like holodeck feeling in VR. Then again, this system has a lot of wires which sometimes come as annoying. In 2017, HTC might refine the Vive’s hardware and software and apply it to other PCs.

In a review by Tech Radar, users say that this system is too expensive for a hardware that isn’t top notch yet. But the VR is relatively new and this model is ahead of Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. It is also ahead of PlayStation VR and its main competitor, Oculus Rift.

Oculus Rift

VR Headsets

Image source: Screen grab Youtube/Linus TechTips account

The Oculus Rift has mixing head-tracking and hand controls in one. Its Touch controllers are more advanced, like borderline extensions for your fingers, according to CNet. The downside with the device is that the room-tracking equipment involves setting up several camera sensors which lead to weaker tracking performance than the Vive. It also requires a wired connection to a PC to have enough power to drive two 1080×1200 resolution images to each lens inside the headset.

The Oculus Store has unique library of activities like sculpting and painting apps and some games coming from major game studios. However, the company takes up both mobile and PC systems and might even involve Facebook soon. It costs $800 as well. But, it is not as great at full-room holodeck like the Vive. Nevertheless, Tech Radar finds it to be a “you get what you pay for” situation.

In 2017, Oculus plans to build a library which supports their controllers, and extend to more PCs.

PlayStation VR

VR Headsets

Image source: Screen grab Youtube/MW Technology account

The PlayStation VR with a PS4 game console costs $400-$500. Sony delivers near-PC-level VR gaming at a smaller price.

But it stuck with classic PlayStation Move controllers which are less accurate and less smooth. Room-tracking for the camera is also weaker. There is still a need to buy a PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move Controllers. There is doubt if its hardware will survive changes in the VR industry.

Next year, Sony may offer better hand controllers and room tracking sensors to improve on what they lack.

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