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Warriors Roster 2016: GSW Star Joins The Bachelor 2017 – Find Out Who

The Bachelor 2017
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Warriors Roster 2016: GSW Star Joins The Bachelor 2017 – Find Out Who

Warriors Roster 2016 has a few surprises in store for fans and enthusiasts. The Golden State Warriors dance team has now garnered the spotlight again. A member of the team will be among the contestants on The Bachelor 2017.

A member of the Warriors Roster 2016 dance team will be amongst 30 contestants on the show. She will be competing to win the heart of Nick Viall. The show will be launched in January 2017 and will be in its 21st season.

More Information on the Warriors’ Dancer

The Warriors Roster 2016 dance team member is one of two contestants from the Bay Area on the show. Mercury News reports that the dancer is named Jasmine G. She is 29 years old and comes from San Francisco. This professional dancer will be accompanied on the show by fellow contestant Josephine.

Josephine is 24 years old and is currently an unemployed nursing professional. She comes from Santa Cruz. Nick will be interacting with all 30 women in the first episode and the list will go down to 22 thereafter.

What Will Jasmine Do on Opening Night?

Several contestants are expected to pull of some pretty outrageous stunts to catch his attention. Jasmine will reportedly be accompanied by Neil Lane, the noted Hollywood jeweler. She will want Nick to choose an engagement ring for when he chooses her on the final day.

Jasmine has already listed her official ABC biography where she talks of choosing Olivia Pope from Scandal as a favorite character. She talked of how Pope represents “such a power woman”. She also talked of choosing Dave Chapelle, RuPaul and Prince as her three best lunch dates.

Josephine has also mentioned that she would love to be Stephen Hawking for a day. This is because she would love to “know what it’s like to have a brain like that!” In the entire group of 30, there will also be one woman concealing a secret and a past with Nick himself!

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