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[Watch] Call of Duty Vietnam: New Video Hints At Modern Setting

Call of Duty Vietnam
Screengrab from Sledgehammer Games/Twitter

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[Watch] Call of Duty Vietnam: New Video Hints At Modern Setting

Call of Duty Vietnam may just be getting started. The recent game of the franchise, Infinite Warfare, may have gotten a lukewarm reception. However, it appears a new game is already in the works.

People may be able to say the release of Infinite Warfare may be tricky. Taking the much-beloved franchise into space was a surprising move for Activision.

However, Sledgehammer Games may be telling fans that they’re winding the clock down for the franchise. Fans are now speculating that the next installment of the series may already be in the works.

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Call of Duty Vietnam: Early Hints?

According to a New Year’s Tweet from the official SH Games account, a new video is mystifying fans. The short teaser has been making fans think the studio is referencing the next Call of Duty game.

The video shows a combination lock and a lot of gears in the background. The clockwork and the presentation made fans speculate a game is being made that is set in modern times.

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A Blast to the Past

The hints increased when Sledgehammer studio head Michael Condrey tweeted a Christmas card. This was from an internal contest from the studio. The runner-up card is an M1911 with images laid on it.

According to Game Rant, it can be noted that the M1911 is a popular sidearm for US soldiers.

Although at this point nothing is official, fans are already speculating. Is this the rumored game that is set in Vietnam?

This is a possibility, given Infinite Warfare was teased last year with an astronaut image.

Regardless, this is a good move to hype next titles in the franchise. DICE already did a blast from the past with Battlefield 1. It received constant good reviews due to its realism and uniqueness.

The gamble appears to have paid off for both Electronic Arts and DICE. However, how will Activision and Sledgehammer Studios respond to the call?

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is playable on the Xbox One, PC and PlayStaton 4.

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