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[Watch] CW Riverdale Trailer & Release Date: What To Expect & When Will It Air

CW Riverdale
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[Watch] CW Riverdale Trailer & Release Date: What To Expect & When Will It Air

As much as the trailer is concerned, including the commercial approach for the series, the CW Riverdale televisions series is miles apart from its source, Archie. In terms of discretion, the former is heavily peppered with very mature themes. The Archie comics’ original characters, Archie, Veronica, Betty and others embody lighter teenage concepts. CW Riverdale on the other hand, goes beyond fancy and boldly carries modern-day juvenile conflicts. In short, the show takes a darker turn for the modern audiences.

The Originals Are Still In:

Most of the speculations hint that the same exact ensemble cast will be sustained. Certainly, the Riverdale series would center on the love triangle involving Archie, Betty and Veronica. The love triangle in the story served to keep the plot flowing and hot. Even in the comics, the spicy love triangle of the same characters had since made its way in the heart of the fans.

The Riverdale cast will be graced by promising actors, KJ Apa, [Archie], Lili Reinhart [Betty], Camila Mendes [Veronica], and Cole Sprouse [Jughead] among many others. The whole universe of surrounding Archie has been set to rule Riverdale’s environment in the same way.

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What To Expect With CW Riverdale:

Among the best things that would heat up in the series is yet to emphasize the complexity of the American teenage culture. Hopefuls are also expecting that Archie’s personality will be given a more human touch this time.

For sure, competitions and conflicts among the characters will center on Archie as a sharp personality. Thus, the preparation for Archie’s role would certainly demand the ample physique and personality.

Newcomer KJ Apa appears to be fit for the role. Leaked photos show him dying his hair for the role and building a particular body mass. A photo also surfaces around the net showing KJ Apa exposing his abs.

Sexiness At Its Best

Sexiness dresses the whole CW Riverdale universe. This is perhaps what distinguishes the series from the comics. Thus, the fans couldn’t be more excited.

The all-new Riverdale features characters Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and a whole ensemble of interesting characters. CW’s Riverdale will air on January 26, 2017 every 9pm ET.

The trailer bares it all. Watch it now.

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