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Watch Dogs 2 Demo Free For PS4: Here’s What To Expect

Watch Dogs 2


Watch Dogs 2 Demo Free For PS4: Here’s What To Expect

Watch Dogs 2 fans are really thrilled! A free demo is now the rage on PlayStation 4. It is also coming for the Xbox One console next week itself!

Watch Dogs 2 can now be played for three hours minus any hassles. Ubisoft has just announced this free demo version to lure more fans. The Xbox One release of the game is taking place on the 24th of January, 2017.

When you play Watch Dogs 2 for three full hours, you get loads of features. Gamespot reports that these include multiplayer, co-op and whatnot. However, you should know that some online elements necessitate membership.

Membership, Price & More

If you’re wondering what that entails, it means being a member of Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus. The game’s demo for PlayStation 4 is easily downloadable from the website of the PlayStation Store. It will cost you about $40.

This price is really competitive and compelling in case you wish to pick up the entire game. The Xbox One demo is also expected to be competitively priced. If you were concerned about your progress in the demo version, fret not!

As per reports, all your progress in the trial version will be seamlessly integrated into the full game when you pick that up! Watch Dogs 2 officially launched in November last year. Sales figures for the first week were lower than what the first Watch Dogs garnered.

More Details on the Game

Discounting became a major feature quite soon after the launch as a result. VG 24/7 also reports that the announcement of a free demo came on Twitter. The official game account announced this to the delight of fans.

As of now, it is still unclear whether the free demo will be available for PC or not. In any case, PS4 and Xbox One users are jumping with joy.

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