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Watch Dogs 2 Update Extends Ending: What This Means For The Series

Watch Dogs 2
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Watch Dogs 2 Update Extends Ending: What This Means For The Series

Ubisoft fans will have another thread to close – or open? – with their games. Watch Dogs 2 may have a new ending, as revealed by its patch. If this is the case, then the whole experience in the game may be incomplete.

Technology and hacking enthusiasts will understand the story value of Watch Dogs 2. After all, it does tackle some controversial topics on big data and privacy. However, the game’s inner narrative establishes a mythology that can span a ton of games.

Watch Dogs 2 stars Marcus Halloway and a renewed DedSec, a group of hackers. However, while the game’s narrative itself has had some suspenseful moments, it appears the game is not where their story ends. Take note that there will be spoilers ahead.

Watch Dogs 2: Sequel?

The update is 10 GB for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and 14 GB on the PC. This is quite the hefty download, which befits the detail added in the game.

This news came courtesy of the patch notes for the game’s newest downloadable content (DLC) pack. While it did address some technical issues, what caught eyes was a particular detail at the ending. Ubisoft wrote that players should play the last mission again as something is in the background.

Interestingly, Kotaku mentioned that the newest ending points to where a sequel may take place. The coordinates on-screen point towards a location in Brixton, London as well. However, fans should be careful in instantly bringing theories into these messages. After all, this might just be a reference.

Polygon explains this new ending further. New things start popping up along the 2:18 mark in the video below. The coordinates 51.452014 and -0.112504 point to the Charing Cross tube station in London. Players who watch the video below are warned that it contains spoilers.

Redditors argue about what this meant, and others are not amused that London might be the setting of a new game. After all, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate already took players to London, albeit in the Victorian era.

More DLC, New Locations

The original ending of the Watch Dogs sequel is not in itself controversial. It announces DedSec’s desire to bring the fight against data control on a global level. This is interesting as it opens the idea for a total “technological revolution” of hackers versus oppressive governments. The concept thus gives sense to the idea of opening a DedSec branch in London.

The theories above are countered with the fact that Ubisoft has not made any official announcements yet. According to Game Rant, it was confirmed that the DLC will be taking place in San Francisco, the same location of the main game. It may be reasonable to speculate that Watch Dogs 3 may take place in London, which will be a new change of pace for players.

However, there are also odds that the game’s other DLCs may take place in London. Instead of a full-on sequel, this DLC may expand the story but keep the narrative within the game. This means Marcus and his colleagues will go to London, instead of having a new protagonist.

Regardless, given that the game had somewhat lower sales compared to the original Watch Dogs, Ubisoft may hold off a sequel. Still, it’s interesting to see where Ubisoft will take the franchise if a sequel is planned. The game is available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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