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[Watch] Double Dragon 4 Release Date, Trailer & What To Expect

Double Dragon 4
Image Screengrabbed from: Youtube / Arc System Works


[Watch] Double Dragon 4 Release Date, Trailer & What To Expect

If you’re a fan of the Double Dragon games through the years, then you do not want to miss the next installment in the series. Double Dragon 4 is coming in a few hours in Japan and here’s what you can expect.

One can remember that there was never a Double Dragon 4 until now. There was a Double Dragon 5 but no official 4th Double Dragon in the series. Now that there is one, we can expect a bit of old school and retro style game coming up.

Double Dragon 4 will be bringing in new gameplay and some familiar faces. Arc System Works has released all the details needed in their trailer which you can view below.


The Double Dragon series was previously caught in a bankruptcy issue, worrying fans of the game that it would discontinue. A lot of work was put to rebook the series but it didn’t turn out as successful as everyone thought it would.

Arc Systems Works were able to help pull the game through. After acquiring the property, they revived the series, complete with what the previous Double Dragon series entries were like. It may be a fresh start for the game, but it still follows the nostalgic feel of it.

New gameplay modes were also released. The game is also compatible on Playstation 4.

Old Character Favorites

Back in December 2016, the first Double Dragon IV trailer was revealed. It showed what the heroes, Billy and Jimmy, are up to in this game. The gameplay also revealed that it retained its classic style gaming which fans are satisfied to find out.

Additional trailers as the game’s release date nears also showed the series’ villains that everyone is familiar with. Bald headed Abobo returns. New villains are also introduced, such as The Renegades.

Fans won’t be limited to playing the heroes. Double Dragon IV also lets you play the enemy characters as well.


An endless Tower mode in the game will be available. Story Mode, Duel Mode and new moves are also introduced.

In the Duel Mode, you can battle against another friend or player. Here, you can use several fighting techniques such as tornado kicks or the rising knee move.

Don’t miss out on Double Dragon IV’s release in a few hours. The game is available on the PS4. In the meantime, check out the recent trailer released by Arc System Works below.

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