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[Watch] Dragon Quest 3DS Gameplay Footage Reveals More On World & Combat

Dragon Quest 8 3DS
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[Watch] Dragon Quest 3DS Gameplay Footage Reveals More On World & Combat

Dragon Quest is a hugely popular RPG series. Due to its huge fan base, Dragon Quest 8 was launched which will soon be out on the Nintendo 3DS. As fans await the release of Dragon Quest 8 3DS, the game’s trailer was posted on YouTube.

Dragon Quest 8 3DS Trailer

Nintendo recently revealed a new trailer for Dragon Quest 8 3DS, Siliconera reported. With just a few days away from release, the videos showcase different gameplay to spark excitement to the game’s fans. The remake features the English version of the game as seen in the trailer.

Players can get a glimpse of how the game works from the trailer released today. One can see the world of Dragon Quest 8 being explored while fighting enemies along the way. The video shows the exploration gameplay while being played on Nintendo.

Dragon Quest 8 3DS Game

The game saga received wide praise in Japan. But Dragon Quest 8 is the first to debut in North America, Europe, and Australia. Because of this, it received universal critical acclaim and more players got the chance to try the game.

To recall, Dragon Quest 8 was released back on 2014 selling about 5 million copies worldwide. After it was made available for both Android and iOS devices, a 3DS remake was launched. It was first available in Japan since 2015 but this time, it will be available to Nintendo consoles worldwide.

Players of Dragon Quest 3Ds will return to the Kingdom of Trodain. But unlike other versions, this one is rendered in beautiful graphics. According to Techno Buffalo, Artist Akira Toriyama created 250 monsters which players will encounter throughout the game. New characters will also be joining the game.

Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King is now available for pre-order through the Nintendo 3DS eShop. But the game will properly launch on January 20.

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