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[Watch] Everything You Need To Know About Nintendo Switch Specs

Nintendo Switch Specs
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Nintendo account


[Watch] Everything You Need To Know About Nintendo Switch Specs

Nintendo shared a new video which showcases the hardware of the Nintendo Switch. The hardware featured in the Nintendo Switch specs is another aspect to look forward to when purchasing the device. The hardware makes the console easy and comfortable to use. The Nintendo Switch will be available in stores on March 3, 2017.

What You Need To Know

Nintendo Switch specs offer various and new features in such a small device. Aside from the variety of ways it can be used by either playing solo or with friends, it also offers a decent hardware feature.

Nintendo showed off the features via a video they uploaded on YouTube. This shows how players can use the Switch in TV mode, handheld mode, and tabletop mode. The video also shows how the Joy-Cons can work in every configuration mentioned so as to give the users the most comfortable and fun experience.

The Nintendo Switch specs are undeniably great. The video even shows features and specs which players are already familiar with. It reiterates the feature that the Switch may be docked into the TV through an HDMI cable. The Joy-Cons also click to the side of the touchscreen display when players want to convert it into handheld mode. Gamers may also opt to set the screen up using the Switch’s built-in stand so they may be able to use the device in a multiplayer mode by using the Joy-Cons as individual controllers.

Moreover, Wi-Fi features have been shown by Nintendo. The video showcases that the Switch can allow up to a maximum of eight consoles. This is done by local connection. Wi-Fi can also be used to play even without physically interacting with other players because gameplay may be taken online.


The Joy-Cons are probably the most interesting part of Switch’s hardware. It has an “HD rumble” system which lets players experience different sensations for each of their hands as they use the controllers. This is done using gyroscopes and accelerometers. These features are also responsible for motion control options.

The right Joy-Con has a Near-field Communication reader and writer. This functions to support Nintendo Switch amiibo. The left controller, on the other hand, comes with a share button wherein players may capture screenshots as they play. Both Joy-Cons come with triggers and buttons for single player mode which are the R/L and ZR/ZL triggers. Players can detach the Joy-Con so that they may play in a multi-player mode where each controller has SR and SL triggers.

The Nintendo Switch will launch with 10 games. This will include its very own and personal 1-2 Switch. It will included third party games. Watch the full trailer here to get an overview of the details discussed herein:

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