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[Watch] Final Fantasy 15 DLC: What To Expect From Episode Gladio Gameplay

Final Fantasy 15


[Watch] Final Fantasy 15 DLC: What To Expect From Episode Gladio Gameplay

The royal guardian Gladio takes a stand in the recent trailer of his Final Fantasy 15 downloadable content (DLC) pack. The newest update is another defining step towards a more immersive experience of the latest Final Fantasy game. However, is this “Episode” worth getting?

Final Fantasy 15 is the latest in the long line of Square Enix Final Fantasy games. It has become one of the most-awaited titles of the franchise. Gamers did have to wait at least 10 years for the entry’s release.

However, it appears Square Enix has more plans for the game. Final Fantasy 15 boasts the best the hit gaming publisher has to offer since Final Fantasy 13. Interestingly, it begins with massive improvements in the Gladio DLC, which showcases the future of combat in the hit franchise.

Final Fantasy 15: Battle-ready Gladio

The news of the update came courtesy of the Square Enix segment in PAX East 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts. GameSpot has a video showing the game’s improved combat mechanics. However, it also reveals just what Gladio did when he had to leave the party during the original FF15 story.

“Episode Gladiolus” shows the massive strength of Prince Noctis’ loyal guardian Gladio. The hulking warrior cannot be controlled in the original FF15 release. This gives players the opportunity to “experience” Gladio firsthand.

The video begins with a meeting between Gladio and Cor Leonis, the major supporting character in his story. The DLC appears to revolve around Gladio undertaking a journey to get more power from a being called Gilgamesh, at the encouragement of Leonis. The DLC will take players inside caves and dungeons to fight monsters before facing the big boss.

If the main game’s story is any indication, then the DLC ends when Gladio returns to assist in the title’s final battle. This should explain the sudden power boost he gets during the final boss fight. Interestingly, Gladio’s motivation throughout the entire DLC explains his character’s personality very well.

Gladio’s family protects the emperor of the kingdom. The noble warrior has had to guard Noctis since he was a child. He knows him very well and treats him like a younger brother, often encouraging him to live a noble life like the emperor.

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Interestingly, the DLC takes a huge departure from the combat in the original game. A slower combat system gets prioritized instead of the fast-paced one from FF15Game Rant explains that a “Rage” system replaces the original teleportation mechanic in the main title.

This allows Gladio to “earn” power as he defeats his opponents. Meanwhile, he has the option to unleash this energy through the different Ultimate abilities he possesses. However, unlike in the main game where this is simply done at the press of a button, players actually control what Ultimate ability Gladio will use, and when he will use them.

Regardless, this seems to confirm an earlier interview between DualShockers and game director Hajime Tabata. He said the DLCs will slowly tell stories behind Noctis’ loyal companions. The first will be the aforementioned Gladio, which also shows the game’s improved mechanics.

The next DLCs will focus on the playful Prompto and the tactician Ignis. It seems aside from letting gamers know more about the three companions, the DLCs will also let fans get used to playing them. After all, the biggest DLC called “Companions” will install a multiplayer option that allows other players to participate as the three other companions in the core FF15 experience.

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