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[Watch] Final Fantasy 15 PC Tech Demo Teases At New Port

Final Fantasy 15

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[Watch] Final Fantasy 15 PC Tech Demo Teases At New Port

It appears developers from Square Enix may actually bring Final Fantasy 15 to the PC. They just need a processor that’s powerful enough to run it. This brings fans one step closer to their much-requested port.

Final Fantasy 15 is the latest title in the hit Final Fantasy series. Fans of the franchise may still not be hung up with its depth and story. After all, it did take more than a decade to complete. However, Square Enix did not fail in ensuring the existence of fresh content to keep fans going.

Still, there remains another thing that fans really wanted from the game’s developers. Is it possible to bring Final Fantasy 15 to the PC? If recent events are any indication, Square Enix may actually say yes.

Final Fantasy 15: Nvidia to make it possible?

The good news came courtesy of GameSpot, which revealed that Square Enix may have been experimenting with the game. The publisher has released a technical demonstration of the title for the PC. Fans saw the demonstration in the Game Developers Conference in California, much to their surprise.

In fact, the game was actually playing on a single Nvidia GeForce GTX1080Ti. The Ti is the newest in the line of Nvidia’s GTX series. It’s an improvement on the same Pascal GPU technology and a staple in quality gaming.

Fans can see for the first time the technical procedures done in testing the lush environments around the game should it be shown on the PC. The visuals are vivid and extremely realistic. If all of these are actual gameplay footage, then players may wonder if they are playing the game or watching a cinematic cutscene.

To show the engine’s power, there is also a monster truck version of the in-game car Regalia. There is also a particular fluffy cat and a huge battle in Lestallum for players to appreciate. Should this all be available in the rumored PC port, then fans definitely have a reason to buy a new copy.

Experiments, More Demonstrations

It appears Square Enix has been working with Nvidia on the Luminous Studio Pro. This is the game engine the publisher used to create the game. The short video revealed drastically improved visuals for the PC.

However, Square Enix’s tinkering with the game is not something fans do not know. In a DualShockers piece, it was revealed that the title is, in fact, a “testbed” of sorts for future titles. The entire entry can be used as an experimental “lab” of sorts for new features to be added in future Final Fantasy games.

This is an interesting turn of events as Square Enix does seem to have a lot of plans for the game even after its release.  For instance, game director Hajime Tabata told Gematsu that development is actually ongoing for a virtual reality (VR) version of the game. However, he said the new VR mode is not simply an added feature, but an entirely new downloadable content (DLC) pack.

It is at this point helpful to remember that the video below is just a technical demonstration and not an actual port in development. Square Enix will most likely announce this soon, should they really pursue such a venture. After all, the team is also hard at work with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3, which are two other highly-requested games.

Fans who want to play the game can grab it for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The title also has a slate of new DLCs along the way, each elaborating on one major character in Prince Noctis’s team.

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