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[Watch] Fire Emblem Heroes Trailer: Meet The Heroes & Heroines

Fire Emblem Heroes
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Nintendo Mobile

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[Watch] Fire Emblem Heroes Trailer: Meet The Heroes & Heroines

Fire Emblem Heroes is an upcoming mobile game edition of the Fire Emblem title series. The game will launch on February 2 to be available in the iOS stores and Google Play for Android devices. The game will be the very first in the series to be played on smartphones and devices.  Nintendo has revealed a new trailer for the said mobile game.


The new trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes presents the newest lineup in the list of heroes and heroines in the mobile Fire Emblem game. The game will feature old characters in the series as well as brand new characters. Here are the following new heroes and heroines along with the voice actors or actresses and the artists behind their illustrations as cited by Nintendo:

  • Ryoma, the Peerless Samurai as voiced by Matt Mercer and illustrated by Kita Senri
  • Tharja, the Dark Shadow as voiced by Stephanie Sheh and illustrated by ZIS
  • Frederick, the Polite Knight as voiced by Kyle Hebert and illustrated by Suekane Kumiko
  • Nino, the Pious Mage as voiced by Sarah Blandy and illustrated by Amagaitaro
  • Azura, the Lady of the Lake as voiced by Rena Strober and illustrated by kaya8
  • Linde, the Light mage as voiced by Julie Ann Taylor and illustrated by Kippu
  • Jeorge, the Perfect Shot as voiced by Mick Wingert and illustrated by Mayo
  • Elise, the Buding Flower as voiced by Live Strander and illustrated by HAKO
  • Lilina, the Delightful Noble as voiced by Julie Kliewerand illustrated by BUNBUN

Watch The Trailer

Here is the trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes. It shows the voice lines as well as illustrations of the new characters. It also shows the new illustrations for the returning characters as well as reported by Siliconera. The artists’ names are also featured in the trailer below:

The gameplay of the mobile game takes place literally at the palm of a player’s hands. The gameplay will start off with a grid map measuring 8×6. Players will be able to summon characters including these heroes and heroines introduced in this new trailer to be able to attack opposing adversaries.

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