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[Watch] Fire Emblem Heroes Update Reveals New Characters & Missions

Fire Emblem Heroes
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[Watch] Fire Emblem Heroes Update Reveals New Characters & Missions

Fire Emblem Heroes fans have another update to look forward to. The latest content drop for the game is titled “Blazing Shadows.” It appears like in other Heroes downloadable content (DLC) packs, the update has a lot of new characters and features.

Nintendo’s latest Fire Emblem game for mobile phones has become an instant hit. Fire Emblem Heroes has its own story, a tradition common in the series. However, this title also features majority of the previous entries’ heroes. Much of them will be unlockable in DLCs like Blazing Shadows.

Interestingly, Fire Emblem Heroes has gained quite the critical reception from fans. It already gained more than $5 million since its launch a few months back. However, it seems Nintendo has more updates planned for the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes: New Characters Arrive!

This news came from a new video courtesy of Nintendo Mobile’s YouTube account. The teaser reveals a new slate of characters to collect. Blazing Shadows will be the based on Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. This was the Fire Emblem game released in 2003 for the Gameboy Advance.

The new update comes with six new characters, all of which are from Blazing Blade. Additionally, players may view the HeroesSubreddit to get new information about the update. First is Karel, the Sword Demon. His special attack features a strong downward slash towards opponents.

Karel arrives as the second character, with the title Wildflower. She has a devastating arrow attack that can pierce through most enemies. Following her is Jafar, the Angel of Death. The enigmatic character has the ability to unleash a powerful counter-attack.

Lucius is The Light, as evidenced by his support abilities. He will be one of the game’s multiple buffers. Priscilla carries the title Delicate Princess, but she is no pushover. She has a variety of support spells as well. Lastly, Ninian arrives as the Oracle of Destiny. She can transform into a variety of creatures to unleash strong attacks.

New Features, Updates

Interestingly, Game Rant said the update will also come with Paralogue Missions. These are quests that help newcomers get familiar with these characters. Each new hero will get three Paralogue stories.

Players who complete these quests in their various difficulties will give them summon orbs. This means fans can get nine orbs in the update. Gamers can use orbs to purchase new upgrades or heroes in the game. Additionally, fans who supported Lucina in the Voting Gauntlet will also get free Hero Feathers.

However, Nintendo plans to give more freebies to players. Nintendo appears to have launched a competition in Twitter. The company will reward all players of the game with five orbs if this tweet is retweeted 50,000 times. Gamers can expect the free orbs this week as this tweet has already been retweeted 70,000 times.

It appears Nintendo really is sticking to its promise of giving Heroes new updates twice a month. Unfortunately, there’s no news about the next update for the mobile title. Players can experience Heroes in their iOS and Android devices as a free download.

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