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[Watch] First Look At FIFA Gameplay For Nintendo Switch



[Watch] First Look At FIFA Gameplay For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is getting more updates each day, and each one is spicier than the last. This time, FIFA may be coming to the Switch. This is good news for fans who want a big sports gaming franchise enter the Nintendo scene.

It is known that Nintendo Switch has made quite a lot of partnerships with third-party developers. This makes the Nintendo handheld-console hybrid a bit of an interesting piece of technology. With FIFA entering the fray, can it satisfy the desire of both Nintendo fans and sports enthusiasts?

One interesting aspect to take note here is that FIFA is one of the biggest sports franchises in gaming. Its depth of gameplay and accuracy in portraying the sport of football has garnered its own set of fans. However, can it fulfill expectations?

FIFA for the Switch: Features, How Does It Work?

The news on the football gaming franchise came courtesy of a new trailer from the folks at Nintendo. The Electronic Arts game is seen being played on the Switch as it is demonstrated in the new trailer. If this really is in-game footage from the game, then the trailer is our first glimpse at its appearance in the hybrid console-handheld.

This also confirms the news of a custom-built game exclusive for the Switch. At this point of course, fans can say that the footage in the Switch may just be embedded scraps from the actual game. After all, the text in the footage is small for its tablet mode, and the players may be too small.

However, according to Game Rant, this gives us a glimpse of the game as it plays on the Switch. If it will follow this format, then the title will function identically to classic members of the franchise. Still, much to a viewer’s interest, the commercial also shows the game with the Switch’s various settings.

This confirms the general belief that the game will also support multiplayer modes. The option allows players to link up multiple Switches to play with friends nearby. This cements the recent revelation that Splatoon will support up to 10 players, albeit two of them will be spectators.

Additions, New Games?

The footage also does not disqualify the question if the new football game in the Switch is an entirely new entry, or a port of a classic game. After all, the specs of the Switch are not on par with current-generation consoles. This means fans cannot expect fully-detailed games as they do in other recent releases.

According to Eurogamer, EA head Peter Moore clarified that the game will be “custom-built.” This means there might be both elements of new and older releases in the franchise. EA CEO Andrew Wilson also said that the game will “follow” the “foundation” of the new game’s story mode, first fully featured in the game’s 2017 iteration.

Either way, this doesn’t ruin the fact that there are at least 70 developers with partnerships with Nintendo to produce Switch games. This means there can be over 50 titles — and this is a small estimate — that will be on the Switch. Granted, this is not a guarantee as there are small numbers of release games so far, but this is an exciting prospect.

This is especially the case for the huge football gaming franchise. There are a lot of possibilities at just how the game will appear. For instance, it can be an actual simulation where players are managers and football players play matches on their own. Or it can be strictly a player-centric perspective, where everyone else but them are AI, and they only control one character. Only EA can clarify these details should they release a press release soon.

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