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[Watch] First Look at Gravity Rush 2 Gameplay & Boss Fight

Gravity Rush 2
Screengrab from PlayStation/YouTube


[Watch] First Look at Gravity Rush 2 Gameplay & Boss Fight

Gravity Rush 2 fans, we’ve all been waiting for this and here it is. In this post, we detail 15 minutes of new gameplay from the game! It appears the game takes into credence a huge part of its prequel and adds a lot of new extras along the way.

The game is one of the most-awaited titles this year. Players are without a doubt more excited than ever given the depth of exploration available in the game. Players will see people minding their own business in the overworld.

Gravity Rush 2: Highlights

Perhaps the best way to describe the video series, which are all available on YouTube, is to elaborate on the plot. The gameplay video is actually a walkthrough on the first level of the game. It begins with an investigation.

There’s apparently a mining ship that is sending a miner to a site for potential activities. This is a tutorial in itself. Players get to know the basics of the game’s controls. However, a storm apparently hits on the site and calamity ensues. It may be possible to mine the ore and meet their quota. Still, gravity storms are pretty dangerous in their land.

We jump to meeting Kat, our hero, and one of her friends Syd. We are familiar with their existence due to their appearance in Gravity Rush, according to Siliconera. It appears there’s much more to the two of them than meets the eye.

The first boss battle is also revealed in the gameplay video. Kat goes toe to toe against a walking plant creature called the Giant Nevi. It’s a floating monstrosity that dwarfs Kat in size. Defeating it appears to be a combination of altering movement in between its limbs and hitting them before it strikes.

What to Expect?

After the gameplay video’s release, there’s an evident increase of expectations from review sites. Majority of the other gaming review platforms out there come up with ratings as high as 7 through 9.5. These platforms generally praise the gameplay of the sequel.

Gravity Rush 2 offers the same intensity in gameplay as its predecessor. Its movement controls as smooth and Kat is slick in moving across the environment. People can be interacted with, and so are objects. By the time Kat uses her gravity control, things go crazy.

You can see her float in mid air and land perfectly on the ground. She can target opponents seamlessly and fight them across the open world. Even her fighting style is dazzling to the eyes which, coupled with the cel-shaded environment, is amazing.

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