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[Watch] First Look At Gundam Versus PS4 Gameplay: Here’s What To Expect

Gundam Versus PS4
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[Watch] First Look At Gundam Versus PS4 Gameplay: Here’s What To Expect

The official trailer for Gundam Versus PS4 has been released, giving players a further glimpse on what to expect in the latest Gundam Versus game.

Gundam Versus was first announced at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this year, during the Gundam Games 30th Anniversary Stage. A closed alpha test also took place back in November.

Confirmed Mobile Suits and Units for Gundam Versus

Currently, up to 12 mobile suits are confirmed to be playable in the game.

  1. Gundam RX-78
  2. Gouf
  3. Guncannon
  4. v-Gundam
  5. Unicorn Gundam
  6. Shinanju
  7. Full Armor Gundam
  8. Gundam Exia
  9. Gundam Kyrios
  10. Gundam Barbatos
  11. Wing Gundam Zero
  12. Tallgeese


  1. RB-79 Ball
  2. GM
  3. Thunderbolt GM

Mobile Suits from other Gundam series are also expected to be on the roster later on, such as those from Gundam SEED and After War Gundam X.

New gameplay mechanics were also introduced in this latest release. Here are some of them:

Striker Select System

This allows players to summon a “striker” of their choice into battle. The Striker system works similar to the striker system of other fighting games, like in King Of Fighters and Marvel Vs. Capcom. This means the striker only gets to strike once and leave.

Instead of being able to use the striker for a limited number of times, Gundam Versus has a striker gauge that allows the player to summon the striker again once it’s full.

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Awakening System

Those familiar with the previous games would have an idea what this game mechanic actually does. The Awakening System this time offers the player two modes to choose from:

  1. Blaze Gear: this mode activates instantly. Once activated, it provides a temporary buff for some actions, such as improving the melee follow-ups.
  2. Lightning Gear: this mode is more consistent, and provides passive bonuses for some time such as increasing the lock-on range.

Gundam Versus PS4 Trailer

Bandai Namco has delivered the trailer exactly as promised, which was first announced weeks ago. The trailer was first shown during the live streaming of the “Gundam Festival #3”. The first gameplay footage showcases players up to two matches in the game in two-on-two team battles:

Gundam Versus PS4 is still currently under development, and no estimated date has been released so far. An English version would also be released in Asia.

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