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[Watch] First Look At Nier Automata Gameplay & Demo

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[Watch] First Look At Nier Automata Gameplay & Demo

The Nier Automata PlayStation 4 demo is already available right now!

The PlayStation 4 demo of the new Nier game has been announced earlier this month. The announcement came alongside the release date of the complete game. Square Enix delivers the demo right on time as promised.

A First Look at the Nier Automata Gameplay

Feel free to check out this playthrough video of the PS4 demo, which took around 23 minutes to finish. The ending has also been cut off to make it spoiler free:

The demo so far looks promising. As a demo, the focus on the action-packed aspect and combat system of the game is expected. The open world aspect from its predecessor would still be present in the complete game.

The game is also developed by Platinum Games of Bayonetta fame this time around. However, it appears that they are able to stay in the same tone as the first game.

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Nier Automata Setting and Plot

The new Nier is still set in the Nier universe. While not actually a direct sequel, the game takes place after the fourth ending of Nier Replicant or Gestalt. This cements the possibility of Ending D as the most canonical ending for the game. The timeline, however, is unspecified but it appears to be in a far off Terminator-esque future.

Players this time assume the role of “2B”, a female-model android, or “YoRHa” in the game’s universe. Thankfully, the western release has no plans of replacing her with some muscular manly woman.

PlayStation 4 Demo Download File Size

Those who are going to download the demo should be prepared to clear off at least 4.4 GB on their hard drive. It could be downloaded right at the PlayStation Store, for free of course.

PlayStation 4 Launch Date and PC Release

The complete version for the PS4 is confirmed to be released exactly at March 7, 2017. A PC version has also been confirmed according to reports.  The PC version is also set to be released next year, although there are still no official word when the demo version for the PC might become available.

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