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[Watch] For Honor Trailer: First Look At Valkyrie & Lawbringer

For Honor Trailer
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Ubisoft US account

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[Watch] For Honor Trailer: First Look At Valkyrie & Lawbringer

For Honor is an upcoming online action game. It is currently being developed by Ubisoft Montreal. Ubisoft will publish it on Microsoft Windows, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Ubisoft announced the game during the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo. The closed beta will start on January 26 through January 29. Ubisoft will launch the full game on February 14. But before that, Ubisoft has launched a For Honor trailer featuring new characters.

The For Honor trailer sheds light on the characters of this new game. Ubisoft has also just introduced a Samurai class named the Nobushi in For Honor. They are Peacekeepers who have light armors and have fast movements, defenses and counterattacks rather than armor and hit points that they could use for survival. The Nobushis are protectors of the common people. They also bear a naginata or a 12-foot grip sword. There are also the Knights. Now, the Valkyries and the Lawbringers are introduced.

The Valkyrie

In this trailer, the Valkyrie will be the Viking version of the Nobushi. Their strength lies on their lightweight armor and weapons and also in their speed and agility. They do not have damaging hit points or strong armor. They have a shield and spear. The Valkyries are trackers and scouts who serve as channels to Valhalla for those who cannot gain honor alone.

The Lawbringer

In this trailer, the Lawbringer is opposite of the Valkyrie and Nobushi. They are more equivalent on the Shugoki or Warlord. The Lawbringers are armor heavy and they keep a huge poleaxe. They rely more on strength and hit damage.

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