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[Watch] Game Of Thrones Stars Join Mass Effect Andromeda Cast

Mass Effect Andromeda
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[Watch] Game Of Thrones Stars Join Mass Effect Andromeda Cast

Those who missed some of their favorite Game of Thrones stars may reunite with them in Mass Effect Andromeda. This was a surprising twist as BioWare has just revealed the involvement of these iconic Game of Thrones celebrities in the game. As players hear of these characters, it will be understood that there really is a reason as to why they sound familiar.

Mass Effect Andromeda is the first foray of BioWare back in the Mass Effect franchise since 2012. Five years may seem like a small number for gamers, but not for developers. The growing technological advancements in the fields also mean publishers have to step up a notch in game development.

However, it seems BioWare is up for the challenge. Mass Effect Andromeda, true to its nature, will not only give players a completely different Mass Effect experience. It seems the publisher really is pulling all the stops to make the game as “epic” as it already sounds to franchise fans.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Westeros Meets Andromeda

Game of Thrones alums Natalie Dormer and Gethin Anthony will play characters in the upcoming game. Dormer will play Dr. Lexi T’Perro, an Asari doctor in the protagonist’s main ship. Anthony will play a character named “Gil,” though not much has been revealed about him.

According to PC Games N, T’Perro will be responsible for the players’ post-cryosleep treatment when they wake up in Andromeda. She will also serve as the Pathfinder team’s main physician during their adventures. Interestingly, her character will not be limited to the medical bay.

Creative director Mac Walters said she has her own agenda and issues to deal with. She appears to constantly have a rivalry with her fellow Asari, Peebee. This may stem from the fact that unlike her, Peebee is more carefree and adventurous. The Asari doctor will also have quite a romantic attraction to Drack, the ship’s eventual Krogan friend.

Dormer and Anthony – A Quick Guide

Players and fans of A Song of Ice and Fire will remember the two as the actors of couple Margeary Tyrell and Renly Baratheon. Tyrell was the wife of Baratheon, who moved on to become the king’s wife after her husband’s death. The latter, meanwhile, is one of the self-proclaimed kings eyeing for the Seven Kingdoms.

Both of them met their demise at separate points in the series, with their deaths quite a shocker for viewers. In fact, Dormer’s acting earned her various Screen Actors’ Guild nominations. While a lot of fans may be disappointed with the characters’ demise in the hit HBO series, the actors will make a comeback in Andromeda.

According to Forbes, 35-year-old Dormer has quite a resumé when it comes to films (The Hunger Games, for which she won the NewNowNext Awards for Best New Lead Film Actress) and television (The Tudors, for which she was nominated for the Monte-Carlo TV Festival and the Gemini Awards). However, Dormer can now add Andromeda to her list of video game appearances, and she appears to already stun fans with a few demonstrative lines.

Meanwhile, Anthony is no stranger to video games either. He has previously done voices for another BioWare title, Dragon Age: Inquisition. He, too, can add Andromeda to his growing list of video game appearances.

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