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[Watch] Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC: Special Mission, PvP & More

Ghost Recon Wildlands
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[Watch] Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC: Special Mission, PvP & More

Ubisoft has unveiled its plans for Ghost Recon Wildlands through a trailer and it provided details about its future contents. The said video contained information about a DLC (downloadable content) pass, free PvP updates and more which they revealed after breaking a record.

Through the video uploaded to its YouTube channel, Ubisoft announced that the DLC pass will come with two major expansions and one special mission. The special mission would require players to go against enemies that only experienced Ghosts are able to handle.

Those who purchase the Season Pass will receive the new DLC one week before anyone else. Aside from the DLCs, Season Pass holders will be given exclusive special outfits and weapons that other players cannot obtain.

They will also receive a permanent five percent experience boost and a “Single-use Short XP Booster.” It would give players an extra +50 percent XP bonus and a supplementary +25 percent XP bonus in their squad for two hours.

Ubisoft Reveals Names of Two Ghost Recon Wildlands DLCs

Ubisoft has also given the names and details for the major expansions they announced in the past. The first that they mentioned would have the title of Narco Road while the second one will be Fallen Ghosts.

Narco Road will feature the player infiltrating a gang of smugglers which he must take part in over-the-top races to earn the trust of their leader. It will introduce several new contents such as new bosses and fresh vehicles.

Meanwhile, Fallen Ghosts would feature players finding a way to survive from ruthless mercenaries. They have to adapt to the situation where their chopper is being shot down during an evacuation mission. This expansion would include powerful enemies, fresh skills, and more weapons to unlock.

Other Ghost Recon Wildlands Contents

According to GameRant, Ubisoft will also include The Unidad Conspiracy Missions and The Peruvian Connection Pact that would give players new experiences. Seven gear patches will come out in the latter while several faction-themed equipment packs will arrive as a DLC.

The DLC will come as the Rebellion Ghost Pack, the Unidad Ghost Pack, and the Santa Blanca Ghost Pack. The first one will have a Katari 26-inspred rebel outfit and will introduce an AK-47 with a bigger magazine.

Meanwhile, the Unidad Pack will include an Unidad Outfit and LMG weapon with a red dot scope and larger clip. Last, the Santa Blanca Pack will come with an outfit inspired by Santa Blanca and a golden M1911.

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