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[Watch] Ghost Recon Wildlands Gameplay Shows Skydiving Mission

Ghost Recon Wildlands
Image Screengrabbed from: Youtube / Ubisoft Brasil

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[Watch] Ghost Recon Wildlands Gameplay Shows Skydiving Mission

Ubisoft’s newest video featuring Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay shows a skydiving mission.

Ghost Recon, which releases in the first quarter of 2017, features an extraction mission where four Ghosts team up to extract a person responsible for manufacturing drugs.

The gameplay shows how it starts, from taking out guards and using watch towers to take out threats. Three Ghosts then skydive off a helicopter after confirming the target, down to a warehouse. The player then barges in through the ceiling where he opens fire, extracting the target and heading out to the helicopter to retreat.

Sounds easy? Based on the video it is. But players can’t help but think this would go another way if you’re playing with randoms.

However, the Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay looks impressive. Players will also have the opportunity to customize their gear and weapons to however they like. It should be noted that the game shows challenges considering it’s a real world location. Heavy violence also ensues in this game and they’re not at all subtle.

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This gameplay follows after Ubisoft released a trailer last week to hype up the game’s release, it features Bolivia being the location of the game, incredible graphics, and a lovely looking cat. The game is also divided into 21 regions, where all locations contain their own civilian population.

In addition, the game also contains 11 biomes which show ecological areas and different seasons.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is dubbed as Ubisoft’s biggest game to date. According to reports, the map for the game is big, which is interesting for players looking into exploring the premises. The game launches officially on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on March 7. To get the feel of the game before the launch, you can sign up for a beta version of it here.

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