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[Watch] Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta To Launch Next Week

Ghost Recon Wildlands
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[Watch] Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta To Launch Next Week

Fans of Ubisoft can finally get their hands on one of their newest games. Ghost Recon Wildlands will launch its open beta next week. This will give gamers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vast open world of the game.

The new game will have players take on a drug cartel. Ghost Recon Wildlands is a four-person cooperative game that tests players and their wits against a vast array of opponents. However, it does not stop there.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is the latest in Ubisoft’s line of Ghost Recon stories. The popular Tom Clancy brand’s new game features an entirely new environment. Its vast open world offers potential for a lot of side stories as well.

Ghost Recon Wildlands: Open Beta Expectations

The tease came courtesy of the open beta trailer for the game. According to the Ubisoft blog, the beta introduces two provinces of the 21 teased inside the game, called Itacua and Montuyoc. Itacua is a mountainous region that is not strictly controlled by the Cartel. Meanwhile, Montuyoc is a snowy province and a much more challenging area to conquer.

Fortunately, players will have gained enough experience and rewards from the Itacua bosses to dominate the Montuyoc province. At least, that is what the teasers say. Players who participate in the open beta will give them space to play with up to three games on the same platform. Those who wish for more challenge can opt for single player, with bots as companions.

The beta will last from February 23 to 27. Players can start pre-loading it as early as Monday, February 20. As promised, players will be able to try out various vehicles, weapons and equipment to get a first-hand experience with the upcoming game.

Launch Details, Features

Players who participate in the open game will be able to play through the “Unidad Conspiracy” mission by the time they purchase the title. According to VG 247, however, players have to use the same Ubisoft account for the beta and the full game to get this reward. This mission, though, is more than just additional content.

This new level will task players to “spark a war” between the Unidad, a corrupt militia, and the Santa Blanca cartel. The mechanic itself is interesting as the players will not engage directly with both groups. The added espionage factor is appealing, as this forces players to approach the game in different ways. It can be remembered that this was a feature already teased in the game.

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